>A quiet blog = a busy Martyn.


Guys, just a quick apology for being so quiet on the Blog recently. However, the reason is purely available time as I’ve been heavily involved with a number of projects. These include:

1) Designing, developing and populating my own OI 9.2 based contact manager – yes, I finally ditched Maximizer (on cost) and then the Outlook plug-in on reliability.

2) Working with a number of people on cross-grade deals from ARev and early OI versions to 9.2 and also helping clients with O4W and the dashboards in O4W.

3) Continuing to evangelise the benefits and virtues of OpenInsight to the less well informed, especially now that we have the connectors.

4) Then talking of the connectors, we’ve begun to see Universe, Unidata, Univision and D3 developers here in Europe begin seriously looking at OpenInsight, building on the growing interest the Rev US have been seeing over the last year or so.

However, watch for more training videos and blog postings coming soon.


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