>Change the look of your O4W forms & reports.


With the recent release of OpenInsight 9.2, Revelation Software’s new O4W web development tool is finally available for everyone to use. One of the key design goals for O4W is to be flexible and configurable; that’s why it’s built on the widely-supported jQuery open source toolkit. One of jQuery’s features is the ability to quickly change the look of a web page by changing which jQuery user interface “theme” is selected – and O4W developers and users can take advantage of this feature to change the look of their O4W screens in the same way.

You specify which theme you want jQuery (and thus O4W) to use on the O4W Configuration Screen. Bring up the O4W Configuration Screen (either in O4W from the main menu, or from within OpenInsight using the RTI_O4W_CFG form), and on the “scripts” tab press either the “on-line” or “off-line” button to set the default “core script” to the “on-line” version of jQuery hosted by Google’s servers (on the Google Content Delivery Network, or CDN), or the “off-line” copy of jQuery that’s distributed with O4W.

This blog article was taken from the September Rev US newsletter and more details can be found at http://tinyurl.com/2wjfxmk


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