>Printable OpenInsight manuals.


As many of you will know, Revelation maintain a large amount of useful information in the online OpenInsight helps system. This consists of several .chm files that are exposed and fully searchable from within the OpenInsight toolset – an invaluable resource for anyone building systems using OpenInsight. However, owing to the fact that OpenInsight is being continually enhanced and new features added, hard copy manuals (the .chm file content) have not been available for some years.

However, now that we have more and more new (non-Revelation based) developers looking at and using OpenInsight, I believe that the time has come to consider creating one or more .pdf files that consist of the contents of the help system.

One of my first thoughts is to tackle the Programmer Reference Pages in the help system. A mammoth undertaking, but probably one of the more useful and appealing from a developer’s point of view.

As this will be a significant investment of my own time, I will be very grateful if you could comment below on;

  1. The usefulness of one or more .pdf files, in addition to the online help system.
  2. Whether you would prefer one huge .pdf file with all of the various manuals in one volume, or several .pdf files cover each specific topic (Native Tables, Programmers Reference, Guide to Application Development, etc.)
  3. Any other comments.

Please visit my blog if you have received this as an email or an RSS feed notification. Please also forward this email to any of your colleagues that might not frequent my blog, but who might wish to voice their opinion on the usefulness of the manuals in .pdf format. It goes without saying that, owing to the time this will take to create and then maintain, I’ll drop this idea IF there is not sufficient interest and need.


2 thoughts on “>Printable OpenInsight manuals.

  1. >OK, the consensus of opinion is that the help files within OpenInsight are more than sufficient for OpenInsight developers and the ability to search the system and then print out those pages of interest is considered to be more environmentally friendly and easier than one large .pdf.For this reason, I am putting this idea onto the back burner for another time. I guess that it is back to finishing the training videos then 😉

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