>9.2.1 – QBF enhancement


So it is a new week and, as promised, I have the first of three 9.2.1 golden nuggets to tease you all with. The other two will follow over the next three days, leaving the best to last and something that will have many of you beaming like Cheshire Cats 🙂

So, during the recent road shows at which Mike has been presenting, many of you have been asking for the ability to load QBF from an external list. So, OpenInsight 9.2.1 now has a new menu item under QBF called (you guessed it) ‘Load from External List’.

Those of you using TCL within OpenInsight will know that we now automatically save your select statements when they are run from TCL. This list can be viewed from within TCL and the statements run time and time again – a nice time saver for frequently run statements. This list of statements can be accessed from QBF in 9.2.1 via the ‘Load from External List’ dialog window by choosing the Query Table option. The required list is then simply picked from the pop-up and the results displayed as a QBF browse list in the normal way.

The second option from the dialog window is to load QBF from a saved list. The save list is created by users within TCL. Basically they enter a select statement and then save the statement within TCL – nothing new there. However, by selecting ‘Saved List’ in the dialog window, the user can now populate the QBF browse list from one of their saved searches.

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