>9.2.1 – System Editor Enhancements


So the second little 9.2.1 teaser this week is something for our OpenInsight developers and it is again something that several of you have asked for at the recent road shows.

Within the System Editor ++ in 9.2.1, Revelation have added a new tab at the bottom of the window for your favourites. At the moment, OpenInsight maintains a list of the last 20 or so programs that you have opened under the File menu as a recent list. However most developers are opening far more programs than this list handles and very often programs that you want to com back to regularly, can get dropped from the list. The ability to save your favourites in the favourites list addresses this issue.

Better still, you can hit the play button on the favourites tab and OpenInsight will open up each of the programs in the Systems Editor ++ for editing in their own tab.

Another tab, entitled Record Info, displays the dictionary information for any field in an open record. You simply open your chosen record and then select the field in the display. The Record Information tab will then display information such as the Field Number, Column Name, Data Type, Heading, Validation, Conversion, Justification, Length and more.

The third enhancement to the System Editor ++ is with regards to Inserts ($INSERT). Whilst it is best practice to maintain your inserts at the top of your programs, it is not absolutely necessary and some developers like to maintain their Inserts as needed (or first needed) throughout their programs. This can make it hard to find those inserts and they can easily be missed if called earlier and used later, or even reused later.

The System Editor ++ in OpenInsight version 9.2.1 now includes a find facility that can be used to find Inserts throughout your programs. This makes checking if they are already called easy and also locating them in your programs a lot easier, especially in those longer programs.


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