>New Tutorial Videos.


As many of you will have noticed, Revelation continue to extend the range of data connectors for OpenInsight. A data connector for Univision is in development and the D3 (TigerLogic) connector was a new feature in the recent 9.2 release.

Revelation US has recently released a couple of tutorial videos to accompany the D3 Connectors release. They include:

Setting up and working with the OI4D3 connector – Mike Ruane demonstrates OpenInsight’s connector technology and attaches data from TigerLogic’s D3 data server. Once the data has been attached, OpenInsight can then be used to quickly and easily create graphical or browser-based applications against a D3 database.

Creating an O4W report against a D3 database – Second in Mike’s OI4D3 connector series, this time he takes a look at using OpenInsight’s O4W Report Wizard against data from TigerLogic’s D3 data server. The O4W Report Wizard lets a user or developer create browser-based interactive reports.


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