>What a novice can create with Openinsight!


Many of you have been chasing me on the completion of the OpenInsight QSG series of tutorials. As well as becoming very busy over the summer, one of the main reasons for the pause in the creation of the video series was my time away developing my own Contact Manager.

Some of you that are new to OpenInsight and also some non-Revelation MultiValue developers who have been looking at OpenInsight have asked to see what I have been able to achieve with VERY little technical knowledge, mostly using the OI WORKS technical resources. I did have a couple of hours with Aaron in the car back from London to Northampton for a couple of areas and Carl helped me with an email blast module using an existing routine. Otherwise it is all my own work, design, code, etc.

It is now in use daily, but still far from complete. I need some data validation in areas, some OIPI reports need to be created, a global search facility and the report library in general adding to. I also have a healthy wish list of more technical things for when my technical colleagues become a little less hectic on client work.

Anyway, I have created an overview video of the application and I hope that it will serve to demonstrate what can be achieved in a very short period of time and by a complete application development novice, using OpenInsight.

6 thoughts on “>What a novice can create with Openinsight!

  1. >Well if anyone wanted to know how easy OI is to develop with you have just answered their question. I know your technical capabilities and they are more than you like to admit, but this is one nice looking app with some well thought out features. Nice one.

  2. >Hi Barry, thanks for your interest, but this application has been built for our internal use and I do not have any plans currently to release it either as a demo or commercial application. There is quite a lot in the application that is RevSoft specific.My photograph application was initially built as a demo for free release, but the contact manager was written for a totally different reason. I’d need the Sprezzatura guys to review the system before we were to release it IF there was enough demand.

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