ARev32 / OI Hybrid Demo

Advanced Revelation (ARev) users often ask me what ARev32 provides them with. The short answer is a future proofed system in a world where DOS applications are feeling their age and running into problems. A move to ARev32 brings you into the 32-bit Windows world of OpenInsight, and shortly the 64-bit world.

Whilst a straight conversion leaves you with an ARev32 window that looks and feel just like it does under traditional ARev, an extended conversion can take you ‘a lot’ further.

My new ARev32 demo video (hosted on my YouTube RevSoftUK Channel) takes a quick look at ARev 3.12’s converted SAMPLES application and how it can be run within an OpenInsight MDI frame and then how you can mix GUI and ARev32 windows, including sending information between one and another.

It also takes a look at how ARev32 users can extend the flexibility of the ARev32 system by displaying two or more ARev application screens in their own ARev32 windows – effectively having a Customer screen open with a record and another for the Products record.

Click here to review the ARev32 Demo Video.

6 thoughts on “ARev32 / OI Hybrid Demo

  1. >This is a demo that resides on my machine along with all of my other applications and I don’t have any plans on releasing generally. I put this demo application together well over a year ago (with the help of Mike Ruane and the guys at Sprezzatura) and I do not fully recall how it all fits together under the hood.This is designed to be a simple demo to show what can be achieved and what is often the second step for people with successful conversions.Please drop me an email ( with your contact details and I’ll gladly discuss how my colleagues at Sprezzatura can help you to make the move from ARev 3.12 to ARev32 and or to a hybrid DOS/GUI system, or even full GUI based interface.

  2. >I just converted to Arev32 from Arev 3.12. I am in the process of fixing minor error all over the system but am slowly getting there. Your demo is great. It was enlightening to see a hybrid layout like that, WOW. Now my challenge is to learn how. I know there are training courses but I sure wish a Training house like, Total Training or someone would offer a Video training package or an online (webinar) course. It could even be at a higher price :)Much thanks Martyn!

  3. >I have been working on a library of videos that is based on our Introduction to OpenInsight tutorial paper. There are a few more videos to produce, but there are currently 18 lessons (most are about 20 minutes long) and I have brought them together in a YouTube Playlist. My technical ability is not that great, and Revelation has produced a number of videos on the more technical side of OpenInsight. Those can be found here in the tutorials section of their web site.Once I have the OpenInsight Quick Start video series complete, I hope to undertake a similar exercise for O4W.

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