OpenInsight Final Beta Released

Those of you participating in the current OpenInsight beta program should have received an email from Mike over the weekend about the release of what we hope will be the final beta release before the commercial release, hopefully on the 1st February 2011.

I’d like to personally thank everyone that has been working with the current beta software and who has reported issues, recommendations and suggestions during this period. As Mike says, your help enables the developers at Revelation to make OpenInsight a better product.

The toolset has now moved well, well beyond any catch-up phase, with the version 9.x series being mostly lead by new functionality required by our OpenInsight developers and their end users. For this reason, shortly after the commercial release I plan another round of talking to Revelation clients in the EMEA region about new functionality, tools, etc. that are needed in future versions and which will help you (and Revelation) to be more successful during 2011.

If you have any requests prior to this, then please drop me an email or, if you are a WORKS member, post them to the suggestions database on

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