New Graphs for OI 9.2.1

As you will no doubt know OpenInsight 9.2.1 is in the final stages of beta testing and it is scheduled for release in early February 2011. Revelation also intends to release the new Universal Driver 4.7 at the same time.

Following the 9.2.1 release, Revelation will be working on the implementation of Data Encryption at Rest (DER) within the OpenInsight database environment. Whilst this has been discussed at length over recent months internally, please use the suggestions database for any requirements that you have for DER within your solutions.

Back to the 9.2.1 release – A number of the beta testers have asked if Revelation can provide a broader library of graphs for use with the O4W Dashboard. In response to that request, Revelation we will be including a new library of Google charts in addition to the existing jqPlot library. The new charts are as follows:

– 3D Pie – Gauge – GeoMap – Intensity Map
– Area Chart – SparkLine – Table – Line
– Scatter – Bar – Pie – Stacked Line
– Stacked Bar – Horizontal Bar – Horizontal Stacked Bar

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