O4W gains more interest!

RevUS saw an enormous amount of interest in O4W whilst at International Spectrum a few weeks ago and following discussion with Martin from Ladybridge Systems, Revelation are now planning to expand the MultiValue Data Connectors to support Martin’s QM database.

Following completion of the O4W Quick Start Guide video series, I am now deep into my first real world example of an O4W application.  This is a proof of concept for a client in Ireland and it will involve a menu system, a couple of simple data entry windows (using to O4W wizards), and more complex window via an OIPI report and (hopefully) an even more complex window built in Basic+.  This project is proving to me just how good O4W is for both developers wishing to create quick web interfaces to their MultiValue systems and also power users like me.

Please watch or subscribe to this blog to hear more about these two exciting projects as details become available.

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