Ardbrook & Merit Software Embrace Social Media

For sometime, I have been an advocate of social media for getting more company and product exposure online.  Many of you will know that I use Twitter for just in time snippets of news, this blog for larger articles (news items, technical info, etc.) as they come to my attention, LinkedIn to get the Revelation brand noticed, alerts to see when people are talking about Revelation and OpenInsight, etc.

In recent months, we have seen many of the key online social media resources opening up opportunities to host company and product pages.  Revelation have several such pages, Sprezzatura has been running a tech blog for a while (providing a more technically deep resource than I could ever hope to achieve) and I’m pleased to find my alerts flagging up some of our VARs first steps into using social media.

Just recently, I have had alerts for Ardbrook’s (Ireland) LinkedIn company and products pages and also those for Merit Software (Wales).  Ardbrook are also making good use of their blog for news items

Both companies have also begun using Twitter, with Merit just announcing the forthcoming launch of their new website and with Ardbrook announcing their new LinkedIn pages as they were published.

Many organisations of all sizes are seeing the business benefits of these resources and it is good to see some of our clients embracing these new opportunities.  Oh, and it does not have to take over your life as there are a wealth of monitoring tools available to bring all of the information together.

Please comment below if your organisation uses any social media resources: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, a Blog, a YouTube channel, etc.

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