O4W – Proof of Concept Application Video.

As some of you will know, I have recently been spending a lot of my spare time working on an O4W proof of concept application.  This was both to help to further my knowledge of the toolset and to help one of my VARs in Ireland to move forward with their plans – no pun intended, but a Win Win for us both.

Anyway, the story begins some months ago.  I had been talking to the management at Ardbrook, one of the leading suppliers of payroll systems in Ireland, for a while about their need to create an Employee Self Service system.  We had looked at several of the OpenInsight web enabling technologies and they had attended a couple of our user group meetings in London where Mike had been showing off the benefits of O4W.

With the decision fairly much made that O4W was a good fit, it was just left for a proof of concept to be created.  Well, me being me, I decided to jump in with both feet firmly tied with half a tonne of bricks and I attempted to create that proof of concept.

I’d already got the backing of Mike, Bryan and the team at Revelation, so I knew that I was not alone in the project.  That said, whilst I did need to lean on Bryan for some code for a program to enable me to call a payslip as an OIPI report and to pass in an employee ID, that vast majority of the work was undertaken by me using the toolset.

Now for those who are not 100% familiar with my developer skills, let’s just say that I’m a code jockey at best and what I created ‘could’ have been
created by most power users and System Administrators.  Mix that with the skills of a professional programmer and we have a tool that really can get your data to the web quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Please click here for a short video of what a non-developer can create with Revelation Software’s Web 2.0 web publishing toolset – O4W.


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