O4W – Did you know?

Did You Know, that within O4W, you have the option to turn on dynamic reporting?

Located on the Forms/Reports tab in the O4W Configuration module, the options enable O4W developers to specify a number of O4W Form and Report-specific choices.

Dynamic Reports
If selected, “dynamic” reports can be automatically generated from R/List statements, which are specified within the URL. For example:

<a href="http:///oecgi3.exe/O4W_RUN_REPORT?OIREPORT=http://<yoursite>/oecgi3.exe/O4W_RUN_REPORT?OIREPORT=<reportstatement>

In the above example  <yoursite> is the full path to your O4W directory, and <reportstatement> is the full R/List-type statement that you wish to turn into an O4W Report.

For example, you may specify:


Dynamic Forms
“Dynamic” forms can be automatically generated by specifying the name of an existing OpenInsight form.  This is achieved by specifying the
URL as shown below:

<a href="http:///oecgi3.exe/O4W_RUN_FORM?OIFORM=http://<yoursite>/oecgi3.exe/O4W_RUN_FORM?OIFORM=<formname>

In this example, <yoursite> is the full path to your O4W directory, and <formname> is the name of an existing OpenInsight form.

If dynamic forms and reports are allowed, you may specify the permissions level needed to execute the dynamic form and report, and an O4W Form and O4W Report to use as the “template” for the dynamic form and report – the specific content of the O4W Form and O4W Report will be removed, while the menu, colour, html template, etc. will be extracted for use in the dynamic output.

In order to provide the most responsive performance possible, O4W allows you to use multiple engines to generate the O4W Form.  Each tab of the form can be “rendered” by a separate engine, allowing even very complex forms to display quickly.  You can specify the number of engines O4W should use for form generation; specify “0” for a single engine (which will generate all the tabs before returning the result to the browser), or 1 or more for asynchronous rendering.

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