A call for help & a marketing opportunity for you.

Calling all current OpenInsight developers – I am currently working on a marketing campaign that I hope to have placed with a UK broadsheet during mid to late August.  It will be in the form of a banner advert on their website with landing pages on www.revsoft.co.uk.

The theme will be based on Maximising Your Competitive Advantage and I’d like to refresh my bank of customer quotes.  I’ll then use those on the landing pages.  If you would like to be featured with your quote, company name and URL link to your website, please let me have the following as soon as possible.

  1. Your Name
  2. Your Organisation’s Name
  3. Your market place (ie. Software solutions for the Construction Industry)
  4. Your preferred URL for me to link to
  5. Your quote (Max 150 characters please)

Topics for your quote should be about how OpenInsight (or O4W) helps (or has helped) you to maintain your competitive advantage, do more than your competition, deliver your solutions or enhancements faster, performance, stability and/or scalability, the ability for your systems to evolve rather than constantly redesign, etc.

Thanks in Advance,


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