Call for OI 9.3 beta testers.

As you will no doubt already know, Revelation Software are gearing up for the release of the next version of OpenInsight – OI version 9.3.

This new version will include many new and improved features, not least a new Banded Report Writer (that is set to blow your socks off (my personal opinion)), O4W mobile extensions and Data Encryption at Rest DER. Support for DER is especially timely as it is something that no modern business application should be without and it is becoming a mandatory requirement in many systems and (I understand) a legal requirement for most database systems in the US from early 2012.

It is for these reasons that I anticipate a high level of interest in the beta from our WORKS members around the world.  Mike has recently made a call for beta testers on the WORKS forum and I would urge you to drop him an email to get yourself included on the initial 9.3 beta cycle.  This is your perfect opportunity to ensure that these new features work with your application so that you can take advantage of them with little effort or change to your application.  It is also your opportunity to provide Revelation with your thoughts, concerns and issues with regards to the 9.3 release before it becomes a locked down commercial release.

The 9.3 Beta program will be available to all OI WORKS subscribers.  Please visit the OI WORKS discussion forum for details of Mike’s invitation and for a link to him email address to apply.  Please contact me if you are not a current WORKS subscriber and you need access to the beta program to test one or more of these new features.

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