Maintenance Management Software for Mobile Devices

Megamation Systems Adapts Its Maintenance Management Software for Mobile Devices Using Revelation’s O4W

The DirectLine SaaS app now allows workers to access and transmit information on-the-go, using smartphones and tablets.
By Joyce Wells, DBTA

SMARTPHONES, tablets, and other handhelds are changing the way companies do business.  And when these revolutionary devices can be combined with existing tried-and-true software for evolutionary change, as opposed to ripping and replacing, the results are even better.

Founded in 1984, and based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada with offices in New York State and the U.K., Megamation Systems provides enterprise asset and maintenance management services through its DirectLine brand to help
organizations monitor every aspect of their physical infrastructure.  In particular, Megamation targets its offerings at schools, universities and colleges, as well as the food services, healthcare, and manufacturing industires.  Its software includes customized forms and checklists outlining and documenting procedures for on-demand and preventive maintenance for facilities and equipment. Read on…

3 thoughts on “Maintenance Management Software for Mobile Devices

  1. Hi Barry,

    Thanks for your comment/question and sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I’ve been wondering about the value of this blog to the Revelation community and (as I get busier on sales tasks) whether it is worth the time and effort that it takes to maintain it. I got very busy with a complex Service Level Agreement yesterday for some business that we are considering and could not find the time to reply here. I was also interested to see if anyone reading the blog would jump in with some real world feedback to your question and thereby see whether the blog is worth my time.

    Anyway, O4W runs in most modern browsers and that include Safari, so yes you can create and run solutions on the iPad and iPhone. In fact, I recently wrote a proof of concept Employee Self Service system for Ardbrook in Ireland. This was created for standard laptop/desktop use through a browser, but during my meeting with them I ran it up on both my iPad and iPhone. However, the iPhone would benefit from a customised interface to better suit the smaller device.

    Revelation have created a lovely little O4W applcation for the conference that runs on mobile devices. I run it from my iPhone – Again, this runs in my iPhone’s browser (rather than as a standalone iphone application), but this approach really suits our VARs and end-users as the one solution goes cross platform – no need for one version for the desktop, another for Android, another for Apple, etc. etc.

    My advice – Download the 9.3 beta and dive into the latest good stuff in O4W. I have an O4W tutorial video to help you to get started.


    O4W QSG Video Series –
    O4W mobile application –

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