OI 9.3 Beta – Data Encryption

Moving into day 4 of my look at the contents of the current OpenInsight 9.3 beta readme and today we’ll be looking at one of the big highlights for many of you, especially those of you in the USA – Data Encryption.  The readme lists four items, being:

  1. OI 9.3 includes a module to encrypt your data. The major pieces are an encryption server (rtiDERServer), an encryption client (rtiDERClient) and a BFS (RTP57E).
    Encryption works in conjunction with the Linear Hash filing system.  When you use DER the linear hash service just stores encrypted keys and rows rather than plaintext.  Data Encryption is mostly transparent.  Once you install the server and client, you create an encrypted volume and copy tables to that volume.  Tables and indexes function normally, but if you look at the .LK or .OV files with a text editor you will see encrypted data.
  2. Added new functionality to create “encrypted” volumes.
  3. Updated CREATE_TABLE, COPY_TABLE to support creation and copy of tables in encrypted volumes.
  4. Added CREATE_VOLUME_PASS, ATTACH_TABLE_PASS to create and attach PASS (Password Authenticated Single Session) volumes.

The 9.3 beta readme includes more details about the above items and the remaining items that I have not noted above.  In addition, it also includes many of the new features, enhancements and fixes throughout the 9.x releases.  Please drop
me a line
if you would like to receive a copy of the full 9.3 beta readme file.

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