OI 9.3 beta – Banded Report Writer

Well, I reach day 5 in my look at the OpenInsight 9.3 beta readme file and still there are a good number of sections to pick some highlights from.  To finish off this week, I thought that I’d choose another of the modules that people have shown interest in.  Today it is the new Banded Report Writer.

This is an entirely new Banded Report Writer that has been created using an industry standard user interface.  Mike gave me a quick sneak peak at the BRW back in May and it is a wonderful looking tool that (in my opinion) could see you replacing your old reporting tools with this one single tool.  This is a tool that you really need to take a look at in the beta software as there is too much for me to cover in this blog posting.  However, the readme includes four bullets of information to note and I’ll include all of those here:

  1. RTI_BRW_FILTER provided so that system administrators and developers can customize which tables and fields are available for the BRW.
  2. RTI_GenerateBRWReport(reportFile, reportName, outputName, reportType, bUseGUI) stored procedure provided to generate BRW output.
  3. O4W_BRWReport routine provided to generate BRW output from O4W.
  4. OIPI.Net call “LOADREPORT” added to allow for inclusion of BRW output in OIPI (note: only available via SET_PRINTER2 or with VSPRINTER2 specified in configuration file).

The 9.3 beta readme includes more details about the above items and the remaining items that I have not noted above.  In addition, it also includes many of the new features, enhancements and fixes throughout the 9.x releases.  Please drop
me a line
if you would like to receive a copy of the full 9.3 beta readme file.

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