Running OpenInsight on Citrix

People often ask me about the recommended configuration for OpenInsight running on Citrix systems and Revelation now have a useful configuration recommendation article available from the main Knowledge Base.  It is available by clicking here.

For those of you that I have forwarded information to over the last couple of years, here are some additional notes.  The general recommendation is still the same but Jared has informed me that you are not prevented from having different versions of the application.

If this is something that you need, then you simply create and use different shares for your application.  Let’s say you have a common set of database files in \\server\datafiles\compdata.  You could have an OpenInsight application in \\server\oi8\oinsight.exe that attached to \\server\datafiles\compdata.  In addition to this application, you could install OpenInsight in another location like \\server\oi9\oinsight.exe – making sure that you have the right number of licenses and don’t simply duplicate the licenses from the first system.  As long as the \datafiles, \oi8, and \oi9 paths all had REVPARAM files appropriate for the server machine then both versions should be able to share the same application.


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