OI 9.3 Beta – IDE

Boy yesterday was busy and for that reason today’s look at the OpenInsight 9.3 beta readme will be a short one.

The IDE has not been forgotten in the new release and it sees three small modifications.  There have been two changes to accommodate O4W and they include a tab for mobile on the O4W Configuration Screen and a new O4W Plugin configuration form has been created to define or modify jQuery plugins that are used by O4W.

In addition, the IDE itself has been enhanced so that tools launched from the new IDE will no longer be owned by the IDE.   This will enable the IDE to be minimised without the tools themselves being minimised.  This also allows for the use of ALT+TAB to navigate through the open windows.

The 9.3 beta readme includes more details about the above items and the remaining items that I have not noted above.  In addition, it also includes many of the new features, enhancements and fixes throughout the 9.x releases.  Please drop me a line if you would like to receive a copy of the full 9.3 beta readme file.

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