OI 9.3 Beta – ARev32

And finally we reach day nine and the last of my postings taking a look at the OpenInsight 9.3 beta release highlights.  Today we will take a look at what the new release has in store for our ARev clients that are making (or planning on making) the move to ARev32.  The readme includes five modifications and they include:

  1. Case options now work correctly on selects.
  2. Environment ini files have been enhanced to allow for user environments.
  3. Selecting with parentheses in the selection criteria no longer causes the select to cancel.
  4. ARev32 and CTO configuration records have been enhanced to conform to the CFG_XXX format.
  5. An additional AREV32/CTO configuration option has been included.  Setting field 6 to “<<NONE>>” will suppress the auto-start of ARev32 in AREV32_xxx_FORM (for graphical debugging.
  6. V23 (AREV32 RUN) has also been updated to save the stack when running in graphical debugging mode.

The 9.3 beta readme includes more details about the above items and the remaining items that I have not noted above.  In addition, it also includes many of the new features, enhancements and fixes throughout the 9.x releases.  Please drop
me a line
if you would like to receive a copy of the full 9.3 beta readme file.

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