If you are using RUN_REPORT in any of your OpenInsight applications, then you just have to head over to’s blog and check out their latest posting. Linked here, the posting highlights a performance issue that results in a report crashing out after running for sometime. Needless to say, following several days of sleuthing, the guys at Sprezzatura found the root cause and handed the research to Revelation. Also needless to say, Revelation has already fixed the issue and OpenInsight developers will be able to test their reports in the new OI beta 3 release.

What’s better than Revelation’s new O4W tool? Free training!!

I have had a change of heart.

Since announcing the RUG and O4W sessions in London, several things have happened which have caused me to rethink my plans for the O4W training session.  It has become clear that there is significant interest in the new web technology, but with the economy the way that it is, people are finding it hard to get a second day off work, to secure the fee and also the associated travel expenses.

We are confident that you will love O4W and want to base your future web and mobile development on the technology.  In fact, we are so confident; we have decided to waive the fee.  However, that comes with a few conditions.

Firstly, we will no longer be holding the O4W day at the Hilton Metropole.  Instead we will be holding the day at our Ealing offices.  This does therefore mean that we will need to restrict the number of attendees to just the first eight registrants and also limit the number of attendees to just one person from any one company.

For this reason I would urge you to contact me as soon as possible.  I’ll be creating a waiting list for those people that miss out on the available places.

Please note – I will be happy to bring O4W to you and run through the technology at your offices or online through WebEx, but remember that I am NOT a programmer and I will not be able to cover the O4W APIs in the same way that Mike will be covering them at this FREE O4W session.


Environment Settings screen shot
Environment Settings Screen

OpenInsight 9.2.1 saw the introduction of a Debugger Intercept facility and this can be used to create a Debugger Dump file.

The debugger_dump procedure is designed to be executed from within a “debugger intercept” procedure which is triggered when the engine hits a debug condition.  The intercept can be setup by simply openning the Database Manager and chosing the Environment Settings option from the ‘Database’ menu.  On that screen the Intercept radio button can be selected (as shown in the graphiv opposite).

The debugger intercept procedure by default is called “Debugger_Replacement” and an example version is supplied with OpenInsight and you can change this to your own procedure if you wish by updating field 54 of your application’s environment record (see the ENVIRON_CONSTANTS insert) or use the dialog above.

Once in the intercept routine you can look at the contents of any variable in the broken program with the debugger_Fetch() function.   An example of how this works can be found the the debugger_dump() procedure, also supplied with OpenInsight.  This simply attempts to write out the local and global variables to a text file.

One thing to remember about working in the debugger intercept routine is that the engine is already in an error state – your code should do the minimum possible to handle the error and then return – doing lots of screen updating, displaying messages and stuff probably isn’t a good idea.   When we use this we normally write the errors out to a log or send an email and then return.

Thanks to Carl Pates (Sprezzatura) for this article.


RUG Event now listed on LinkedIn

As many of us now maintain our professional profiles on LinkedIn, I have created a LinkedIn Event for the forthcoming RUG.  I will apprecite it if you could still register for the RUG and/or O4W training session with me by email, but this event publication on LinkedIn will enable anyone who plans to come along to register that they are attending or that they are interested in attending.  This will also enable attendees to schedule one on one discussions with friends and fellow developers/users  ahead of time.

The event can be found at

OpenInsight & Windows 8

OpenInsight running under Windows 8
OpenInsight running under Windows 8

At the conference Mike shared with us that OpenInsight had been tested internally on a Windows 8 beta and everything tested was working just fine.  On my return from the conference Jared kindly sent me a few screen shots of those tests that he carried out.

Obviously more testing will be undertaken as Microsoft work through the beta cycle and into commercial release, but things are looking good for OpenInsight developers and users where the new operating system is concerned.

Thanks Jared, for send over those images.


OpenInsight running under Windows 8
OpenInsight running under Windows 8
OpenInsight running under Windows 8