iphone 5.0 upgrade

Anyone with an iPhone –

You will probably know that there is a new OS (version 5) available for the iPhone and iPad.  Please be aware that when I ran the upgrade (I only plugged the iPhone into my laptop to charge it and accepted the offer to run the upgrade) the process reset the phone to factory settings and then I had to do a restore from my laptop.  Not soemthing that i would suggest doing during business hours or whilst waiting for important calls to come in.

This upgrade process was not a big issue and it went smoothy enough, although I did not have my apple login details to hand, but the process does seem to have deleted all of the email that I had on the phone.  I now only have six new emails that came in whilst I was upgrading.

A word of caution if (unlike me thankfully) you don’t keep copies of your email elsewhere.  Of course, this was my personal experience and I’m not saying that this will be the same for everyone.

I think that I will leave the iPad upgrade for another time.


3 thoughts on “iphone 5.0 upgrade

  1. Sounds like you had a better experience than some I know. A few people actually had their 3GS’s crash completely and fail the update. They had to restore their back-up and then run the entire update again. Guess it goes to show backup, backup, backup before upgrading. My iPad 2 went through fine. I actually couldn’t tell a difference (besides new features/apps) it restored so well. Didn’t have an issue with emails, but like you, I have the accounts tied in multiple places.

    Android users are waiting for some “ice cream sandwich” goodness or are already running ROMs that are way better than anything a carrier has ever released.

    BB users…I am sorry…BB…RIP…

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