Happy Festive Holiday and a Prosperous 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy festival holiday and a prosperous New Year.  The Revelation office is now on a skeleton staff until January 3rd, so please remember to use mp@revsoft.co.uk for any commercial enquiries that you have and also support@revsoft.co.uk for any support requirements that you have during this period.

I would also like to that all of you that have comment on my blog and YouTube channels throughout this year.  I had begun to think that the effort was misplaced, but I learned otherwise at this years Revelation Conference in Las Vegas.  Looking back at the stats, the blog readership is well up on last year and there have now been over 14,500 video views on my main RevSoft channel (over 1,000 more views than 2010).  The new RevSoft News Bulletin has already had over 400 views in its first month.

It would seem that you either love or loathe the idea of using video to deliver the newsletter content.  A couple of you have also pointed out that it appears to be work for works sake, as the content simply mirrors that delivered in the newsletter.  Furthermore, those newsletters are available online in the newsletter archive library anyway.  So why duplicate the message.

Well you would be correct, but the short answer is that I am yet again experimenting with social media and it really can’t be a bad thing having business messages in multiple places online these days.  Leaving your message on you website or in an email newsletter is just not sufficient any longer.

One of the main catalysts for me trying this new media source was a couple of recent reviews that I picked up online about the way that people are sourcing their information online.  It has traditionally been the big search engines (DuckDuckgo, Google, Ask Jeeves, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) that people have turned to for information on the internet, but more recently searching for information on YouTube has become much more popular, especially with the younger more rich media savvy audience.  Well it is definitely easier to watch and learn, than to read and learn and arguably more interesting as well.  Even Google, now includes links to video based content on the first page of their search results!!

It was this realisation that has pushed me to use video more and more and I intend to keep the RevSoft New Channel running throughout 2012 and review the feedback and results.  I hope that the quality will improve as I learn more about the tools that I am using and I build up a library of animated content.  However, it is already proving interesting as my age demographic has dropped into the 35 to 44 age range and I’m looking forward to working on getting that even lower as I build the channel with more buzz words, trending content and the like.

And now a hot tip.  I learned one very useful tip recently which really does make a difference when publishing your videos online.  No it’s not to render in HD, although that is important, no it’s not to keep the videos short and to the point, although that is also very important.  The number one hot tip from 2011 is to publish your videos and paste the script into the description box.  I personally include a synopsis or some introductory text in the first few lines of the description and then maintain as much of the script below that.


Well, the main search engines use this script to catalogue your video and maintaining the script in the description gives the search engines something to get their teeth into.  It certainly seems to be working for me, with my age demographic dropping by around a decade and hopefully I’ll be reaching more of our younger audience with the MultiValue message and getting them asking more questions about the MultiValue technology and OpenInsight in particular.

Thanks for your support and comments during 2011 and please keep them coming during 2012.  Oh and please don’t forget to share blog postings and videos with your friends and colleagues as appropriate and I really appreciate those of you that take the time to click the like button.

All the best for 2012,

OpenInsight 9.3 Released

Revelation have just officially announced the release of OpenInsight 9.3 and the office press releases can be found on both the Us and European websites.  The European press release can be found at http://tinyurl.com/ctz85u2 and it touches on the major new features, being Data Encryption at Rest, O4W version 1.2, the brand new Banded Report Writer and the inclusion of some Extended Math Functions.  This release also sees an enhancement to the D3 connector, which now fully supports TigerLogic’s mvBase.

As Mike mentions “Our connection technology has truly made OpenInsight a versatile front-end graphical database development environment”.  With the other advancements in the technology, I am proud to be part of the Revelation team and I look forward to bringing the benefits of OpenInsight 9.3 to the wider developer community throughout 2012.

If you are a current WORKS subscriber, the OpenInsight full install and upgrade can be found in the private WORKS area.  For those of you who are not yet on WORKS, the 9.3 evaluation software will be available for you trial very very soon.

You want to do WHAT with a Popup?

The guys at Sprezzatura recently found it necessary to colour individual rows in a popup.  The example used as a proof of concept was to create a Male, Female and Other popup with the rows shaded as Blue, Pink and White.  This could be very useful to many of us in our applications and for this reason the guys have created a new blog article which includes full details and example code.

Please head over to the Sprezzatura blog for the full article.

As many of you are now creating blogs for your own business, I will be grateful if you could both email me links to your blogs and also email me if you also have something useful, like the above posting, and that you would like to share with the Revelation community. I will then gladly link to it from my blog and mention it in the RevSoft News Bulletin.