OpenInsight 9.3 Released

Revelation have just officially announced the release of OpenInsight 9.3 and the office press releases can be found on both the Us and European websites.  The European press release can be found at and it touches on the major new features, being Data Encryption at Rest, O4W version 1.2, the brand new Banded Report Writer and the inclusion of some Extended Math Functions.  This release also sees an enhancement to the D3 connector, which now fully supports TigerLogic’s mvBase.

As Mike mentions “Our connection technology has truly made OpenInsight a versatile front-end graphical database development environment”.  With the other advancements in the technology, I am proud to be part of the Revelation team and I look forward to bringing the benefits of OpenInsight 9.3 to the wider developer community throughout 2012.

If you are a current WORKS subscriber, the OpenInsight full install and upgrade can be found in the private WORKS area.  For those of you who are not yet on WORKS, the 9.3 evaluation software will be available for you trial very very soon.


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