Best wishes for 2012

The New Year is upon us, resolutions for the coming months have been made and many will come to fruition but many are likely to be broken.  However, I hope to work harder and smarter during 2012, to continue to evangelise the benefits of the MultiValue technology and to ride on the opportunities that the New Year will no doubt bring.

I’ll be watching the path that the No/SQL movement takes and continue to keep OpenInsight on that agenda.  I’ll also be watching how business further utilises the cloud and help our OpenInsight and O4W users to benefit from those benefits.  I’ll also be watching how social media will continue to erode into our business processes and we’ll ride that wave as well.  I already have a growing list of updates that I need to make on my Facebook and LinedIn pages.  I have videos planned and goodness knows where Google+ and Twitter will take me this year.  In addition, there will be the ‘as yet’ unknown new opportunities that 2012 and will bring.

With plenty of unresolved issues from the last year (not least the Euro and more austerity measures to come) 2012 looks to be an interesting year.  That said, things are improving in the USA and Revelation US saw new opportunities presenting themselves and a marked improvement within their VARs performance towards the end of the year.  Let that continue and hopefully Europe and the rest of the EMEA region will follow in a few months time.

Anyway, I wish you, your colleagues and your business well for 2012.  Let the New Year bring you health and prosperity that lasts the whole year through.


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