2012 is planned to be a big year for Revelation Software;

On the development side, we have two scheduled releases planned.  The 9.3.1 patch and upgrade release (due in the first quarter) will mostly consist of features that did not make the code-cut off date for the recent 9.3 release.  These include Banded Report Writer (BRW) enhancements, a new connector for LadyBridge Systems Limited OpenQM (a very nice MultiValue database), and some other items from the suggestion box.  Revelation also expects to release a 9.4 version of OpenInsight later in the year, with even more web and mobile enhancements.  During this time the team will also be working on the 64-bit version of OpenInsight and it is hoped that this ground breaking release will be commercially available around Q1 of 2013.

On the travel side, Revelation Software staff will be all over the world, showing OpenInsight to current Revelation customers, as well as potential new clients and developers.  The company are already scheduled to give demonstrations and presentations at the Colorado MultiValue Users Group (CMUG) in March, at International Spectrum in early April, down in Australia and New Zealand after that, as well as MultiValue groups in Texas, Georgia, Seattle, and others.  Mike was over in Europe towards the end of 2011 and I hope to welcome him back here at least once over the next 11 months for our usual RUG and road trip.

We are also starting off the 2012 with a sprint here in the UK.  From tomorrow, we will have our competitive advantage banner displaying 20,000 times randomly over the next few weeks on the Guardian’s website and this campaign will be widened based on its success.  This theme of MultiValue tools (OpenInsight specifically) helping organisations of all sizes (and individual developers) to realise their modern business requirements through their software, faster and more economically, is a message that I personally plan to hammer home throughout 2012.

With more businesses looking for software solutions that work with their businesses, that can run quickly over the web and mobile devices and that can dynamically adapt and change with the ever rapidly changing business needs, I am more certain then ever that MultiValue databases are well placed to fill that requirement.  As numerous conversations during the later part of 2011 taught me, this thought is backed by the increased use of NoSQL databases for the business applications, with RDBMS (SQL databases) being used by the BI team for data crunching.  MultiValue tools (like OpenInsight) are therefore well placed to meet the needs of the users, whilst also delivering data into the corporate BI data stores – thereby enabling highly flexible, powerful and joined up solutions.

Roll on the next 12 months and even more people finding their competitive advantage through OpenInsight !!!!

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