After the initial release of OpenInsight 9.3 it was discovered that the original IDX_SETS routine (IDX_SETS1) no longer returns the correct results when doing indexed selections of large data sets. We are therefore suggesting that all users of OpenInsight 9.3 change their system to use the newer IDX_SETS2 routine.

IDX_SETS1 is the original OpenInsight routine and has been in the product since its inception. IDX_SETS2 is a relatively recent .NET based emulation of the functionality.  With small data sets, IDX_SETS1 seems a little faster than IDX_SETS2, but we’ve found that with large data sets, IDX_SETS1 appears to get “confused” on modern versions of Windows.

You can configure which version of IDX_SETS you use by creating or editing the record CFG_IDX_SETS in the SYSENV table. To use the new IDX_SETS, make sure field 1 of this record contains the string IDX_SETS2; to use the original, make sure field 1 contains the string IDX_SETS1.

The CFG_IDX_SETS record will control which version of IDX_SETS is used by default for everyone on the current OpenInsight system.  If instead you want to specify, for a specific user and application, which version (IDX_SETS1 or IDX_SETS2), you should create or edit the record CFG_IDX_SETS*<appid>*<username> (ie, CFG_IDX_SETS*EXAMPLES*EXAMPLEUSER); if you want to specify which version to use for everyone in an application, you should create or edit the record CFG_IDX_SETS*<appid> (ie, CFG_IDX_SETS*EXAMPLES); if you want to specify which version to use for a specific user in all applications, you should create or edit the record CFG_IDX_SETS**<username> (ie, CFG_IDX_SETS**EXAMPLEUSER)