Revelation Software Plans OpenInsight 9.3.1; Finalizes Dates for 2013 Conference

Revelation Software has announced new features as well as patches and enhancements that will be added in OpenInsight (OI) 9.3.1.

According to Robert Catalano, director of sales at Revelation, the new release includes release 1.3 of OpenInsight for Web (O4W) which offers integration with the new Banded Report Writer, support routines for RSS feeds, and has a new ad hoc Report Builder. In addition, he adds, “We have added some extensions to the jQuery mobile libary for use with the jQuery mobile library to make more robust mobile applications.”

The other major new part of the release which was not ready in time for the 9.3 release of OpenInsight in December is the OI connector for OpenQM from LadyBridge Systems. “We are delighted to be able to plug in our front-end tool kit into that database and we are quite pleased with the way that has progressed,” says Catalano.

Revelation has also finalized the dates and venue of its 2013 conference. The next Revelation Software Users Conference will be held at the Sheraton Music Center Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., April 16-19. “Nashville is a wonderful city and it offers a lot to conference attendees,” Catalano says.

The new release is planned for availability in time for the International Spectrum conference in early April.

For more information, go to Revelation’s website at

< Article originally published by Database Trends and Applications (DBTA)

In Development – OpenInsight 9.3.1

OpenInsight 9.3.1 is currently in beta testing and it is planned to be released in early March 2012.  The 9.3.1 release of OpenInsight will provide the following new components:

  1. OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.3)
    O4W v1.3 includes additional integration with the new Banded Report Writer, support routines for RSS feeds, and a new “ad hoc” report builder, along with a number of additional mobile enhancements such as mobile-specific menu and report output.  Through O4W’s integration with jQuery Mobile (the companion library to O4W’s jQuery), web pages can be built using “finger friendly” user interface elements and design.  For a preview of this interface click here to view some screen images of Megamation Systems DirectLine Mobile application.
  2. OpenInsight for QM Connector
    The OI for QM connector provides the ability to connect with the OpenQM Database from Ladybridge Systems Limited.

Also included in OpenInsight 9.3.1 are a number of patches and enhancements for the Banded Report Writer, Table Builder, Database Manager, SQL Connector and Arev32.

ISV Catalogue and General Discussion Forum

As many of you will know, the WORKS discussion forum has been O4W driven for sometime.  That same format has now been used to rebuild the open discussion forum on using O4W.  I really like the new format and I hope that you also find it better than the old Lotus Notes solution.

Continuing with the O4W theme and the US website, Revelation have also rewritten and updated their ISV Catalogue using the O4W toolset.  I am currently working on updated product information for the Sprezzatura Freeware and other chargeable utilities that we offer for the catalogue and Revelation are also offering any OpenInsight VAR the opportunity to have their OpenInsight based application/s listed on the page.  Please contact should you wish to have your application featured.

DirectLine Mobile by Megamation Systems

O4W is fast becoming the tool of choice for OpenInsight developers who need to extend their applications to the web.  These solutions consist of full desktop browser based solutions, through to solutions for small handheld devices like smart phones.

Megamation Systems  have used O4w to create a solution for such devices and Revelation have recently published some images of the handheld solution.  This is a great example of how O4w can be used to address a modern business need. You can view the example screens by clicking here.

Cheat Sheet for HTML coders using O4W

Whilst the wizards in O4W can help developers and power users to build some very nice online database driven applications in super quick time and without the need to write, debug and maintain Web2.0 code, it is no surprise that the true power of O4W is held within O4W’s extensive API.  However, whilst most OpenInsight and ARev developers take to building web pages using the API like a duck takes to water, HTML coders with only a little (or no) BASIC+ knowledge might flounder and find themselves on a shallow, but still unwanted, learning curve.

It is for this reason that Bryan has put together a very, VERY, useful cheat sheet to help developers with HTML knowledge to quickly and efficiently apply that knowledge to building O4W pages using the API.  The cheat sheet is split into three key sections with each showing the HTML tag, attribute, style, etc. and the corresponding O4W API attribute (I hope that I am using the correct terminology here, but someone will correct me if not).  The three sections include:

  1. A non-exhaustive list of the HTML generated by O4W.
  2. A non-exhaustive list of the attributes and styles that O4W generates.
  3. A variety of HTML5 compliant APIs used to support both mobile and newer (HTML5) browsers.

O4W API calls generate HTML in addition to javascript, and occasionally it is useful to know which O4W call generates which HTML.  For example, when searching the internet for a particular solution to a problem, the results will usually be displayed as “regular” HTML; to convert that information into useable O4W calls, it is important to know which O4W calls will return the desired HTML.  This cheat sheet is therefore especially useful when used with the main O4W Reference Guide which documents all of the O4W API calls.  If you are familiar with HTML, then you can look-up the HTML in the left column of the table and then the sheet will give you the corresponding O4W API call to use in the right hand side column.  Armed with this information, it is then a simply task of checking the O4W Reference Guide for more detailed information about using the O4W API call.

As Bryan says, “It’s likely that at some time you’ve found yourself working in O4W, and wondered how to accomplish a specific task (like changing the borders on a table, or generating pre-formatted text).  You probably turned to Google (or your favorite other search engine) (but most likely Google) and found the answer in a few seconds – but the answer told you what HTML you need to use to generate your desired results.  How do you translate that HTML back into O4W API calls?”.  It is this cheat sheet that directly addresses this need.

OpenInsight 9.3.1 Beta is now available.

Overnight Revelation US released to OpenInsight 9.3.1 beta software to those developers registered for the beta program.  If you are registered, the files can be downloaded from the beta site on and there is the usual link to obtain an installation key for the files.

This new release’s main feature is the release of the OI4QM connector for Ladybridge’s QM Multivalue database.  This new connector add to the existing TigerLogic D3 connector, Rocket Software U2 (Universe and Unidata) connector and of course the SQL connector which supports several flavours of SQL.

In addition, this release sees fixes and enhancements to the new Banded Report Writer, OI’s .NET functionality, O4W, support for ESENT database and a fix has been made to the DUMP and TEMP tables creation.

I would like to thank everyone that takes the time to review the OpenInsight beta’s and who feeds back their comments and suggestions.

New O4W based public forum goes live.

Those of you that frequently use the Revelation online discussion base will have noticed a big change over the last few days.  Revelation are continuing their move away from Lotus Notes and, like the private WORKS forum, the public discussion forum is now based in Revelation’s own O4W web technology.

Along with the new, fresh, look and feel users now have the ability to set a number of user preferences to enhance their use of the forums on  There are a number of sections beginning with some general settings which enable you to add an email address to obtain email notifications to new postings to threads that you follow.  This is a great feature for people who begin a posting and for those who have a specific interest in an existing thread.

The user preferences also enable you to set a preference for new tabs to be opened or for O4w to run the forum in just one tab in your browser.  You can also display summary information by default (useful if you are using mobile devices on the move) and set a default signature for your postings.

Finally, the user preferences (linked from the discussion base menu on the website) displays a list of all of the threads that you are currently subscribed to.

I hope that you will find the new forum useful and we welcome your thoughts on comments. Oh, and if you have bookmarks for the old forum or alerts and other feeds, please do not forget to update them with the new forum’s location.