New O4W based public forum goes live.

Those of you that frequently use the Revelation online discussion base will have noticed a big change over the last few days.  Revelation are continuing their move away from Lotus Notes and, like the private WORKS forum, the public discussion forum is now based in Revelation’s own O4W web technology.

Along with the new, fresh, look and feel users now have the ability to set a number of user preferences to enhance their use of the forums on  There are a number of sections beginning with some general settings which enable you to add an email address to obtain email notifications to new postings to threads that you follow.  This is a great feature for people who begin a posting and for those who have a specific interest in an existing thread.

The user preferences also enable you to set a preference for new tabs to be opened or for O4w to run the forum in just one tab in your browser.  You can also display summary information by default (useful if you are using mobile devices on the move) and set a default signature for your postings.

Finally, the user preferences (linked from the discussion base menu on the website) displays a list of all of the threads that you are currently subscribed to.

I hope that you will find the new forum useful and we welcome your thoughts on comments. Oh, and if you have bookmarks for the old forum or alerts and other feeds, please do not forget to update them with the new forum’s location.


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