DirectLine Mobile by Megamation Systems

O4W is fast becoming the tool of choice for OpenInsight developers who need to extend their applications to the web.  These solutions consist of full desktop browser based solutions, through to solutions for small handheld devices like smart phones.

Megamation Systems  have used O4w to create a solution for such devices and Revelation have recently published some images of the handheld solution.  This is a great example of how O4w can be used to address a modern business need. You can view the example screens by clicking here.


5 thoughts on “DirectLine Mobile by Megamation Systems

    1. Steve-
      I’ll be showing this O4W with the QM connector at both the Atlanta and Texas User Groups in the next few weeks. Is there a chance you could be at either one of them?

  1. Hi Steve, Thank you for your interest in running O4W on OpenQM. I have asked Bob or Mike from RevUS to contact you as you are regretfully out of my region. Please note that you will need the OpenInsight 9.3.1 release which is in beta for our WORKS subscribers at the present time and you will need QM version 2-12-8n, where n is the latest release of the pre-release software.

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