Trauma Database Improves Remote Access with New Web Interface

Clinical Data Management facilitates data entry with Revelation’s OpenInsight for Web
By Joyce Wells, DBTA

Clinical Data Management (CDM) is a company headquartered in Colorado, USA,  that provides clinical information database software, enabling medical institutions to report and compile data on patient care.  Established in 1986 by Skip and Beverly Tinnell, Registered Nurses, CDM has made a commitment to improving the quality of patient care by providing state-of-the-art, user-friendly products, and as a result, its software is used by over 350 government agencies, hospitals and clinics nationwide and also internationally.

CDM’s flagship product, TraumaBase, is a trauma care registry used by healthcare providers to input data for collection by corporations and government agencies as well as for the evaluation of care by the medical teams themselves.  Details such as a trauma patient’s initial vital signs, how fast treatment is begun, and other aspects of a patient’s care from the point of arrival at a medical facility are all recorded in the TraumaBase database. Read On…

OpenInsight 9.3.1 Now Available!

Overnight the OpenInsight 9.3.1 upgrade was posted to the WORKS area for all WORKS members to download.  Please contact me if you are not a WORKS member and wish to find out more about this great release.

This latest version includes O4W Mobile Extensions and a brand new data connector for Ladybridge’s OpenQM Multivalue database.

  • OpenInsight for Web (O4W v1.3) – This latest version of O4W includes additional integration with the new Banded Report Writer, new support routines for RSS feeds and a brand new ‘ad hoc’ report builder.  In addition, the release includes a number of additional mobile enhancements such as a mobile specific menu and report output.  Through O4W’s integration with jQuery Mobile (the companion library to O4W’s jQuery), web pages can be created using “finger friendly” user interface elements and design.
  • OpenInsight for QM Data Connector (OI4QM) – The OI4QM data connector enables MultiValue application developers to fully utilise the QM database from Ladybridge Systems Limited.  Using this dedicated data connector, Windows GUI and Web 2.0 interfaces can be quickly created without any change being required to an existing QM database.

“With this latest release, we’re proving our commitment to our Revelation and MultiValue community”, said Mike Ruane, President/CEO Revelation Software, “They asked us for a connection to QM from Ladybridge, and we listened. Our users also gave us a list of enhancements and suggestions for the Banded Report Writer, and we’ve taken care of them as well.”

Also included in the OI 9.3.1 are a number of patches and enhancements for the Banded Report Writer, Table Builder, and Database manager.

“Mobile computing is an essential requirement for any application development”, said Robert Catalano, Director of Sales, Revelation Software. “We are empowering the MultiValue community with one of the best mobile computing toolkits on the market that is affordable, familiar to MV developers, and connects to their existing database with no change.”

I would like to thank all of the developers involved in this release and also to our army of beta testers who provide their time and invaluable feedback.

OpenInsight 9.3.1 Coming ‘VERY’ soon!

Revelation Software are now very close to releasing OpenInsight 9.3.1 and please watch this blog for further news about the release over the next few days.

Although this is a point release that follows the main recent 9.3 release, this new version features the usual enhancements and fixes and a brand new data connector that will enable MultiValue developers to interface OpenInsight with Ladybridge’s QM database.  Already well tested during the beta cycle, this new connector will feature in a new commercial solution from Stage7 – watch out for more news on that right here and as it breaks.

As well as the QM connector, this new release sees 8 customer lead enhancements to the Banded Report Writer, 15 enhancements to O4W including support for ad hoc reporting, rss maintenance, mobile features (including a separate graphing library, run report function for mobile reports, etc) and much more.  The release also sees some fixes for ARev32, OpenInsight’s .NET functionality, fixes requested by you through the suggestions and bug tracker on and work on the BFS / Connectors.

Those of you who are WORKS members will be able to download, review the full readme detailing the changes and take advantage of this new release very soon.  Please contact me if you are not a WORKS member and I will gladly email you a copy of the readme file so that you can see what you are missing out on and learn more about the new features that will no doubt be helpful and enhance your OpenInsight applications.