OpenInsight 9.3.2

Mike and the team are putting the finishing touches to the forthcoming OpenInsight 9.3.2 release.  With the beta program just a couple of weeks away, now is a great time to drop me a line with your wishes (ideas, bug fixes, customer needs, etc.) for consideration for this next OpenInsight release.  As usual, I’ll publish the new features and main enhancements here when I have them.

Running ARev – Don’t get get caught short on time!!!

With Microsoft having now withdrawn support for Windows XP and more and more workstations being purchased with windows 7, we are seeing ARev users frantically trying to make the next move to keep their systems running on these new operating systems.  Whilst some people fight to find workarounds, others are hastily looking at shortened ARev32 conversion projects.

Don’t get caught out and find yourself explaining why you have not made the move to ARev32 or made alternative provision for the future.  Give me a call or drop me an email to discuss the future of your ARev system before time is against you.

Did You Know – ClientSetup

That you can push the OpenInsight ClientSetup out to each workstation on the network.

Each workstation that accesses an OpenInsight application requires several libraries and supporting MSI packages to be installed.  Revelation have published a new technical article that presents several methods to prepare new workstations using the ClientSetup.exe program provided in the OpenInsight directory.

OpenInsight should be installed and shared from a network folder before following the guidelines listed.  If you have not already installed OpenInsight please refer to the installation instructions and then return here to setup additional workstations.

Please Click here to learn more.

Save the Date!!

Revelation are about a year away from their 2013 Revelation Software Users’ Conference.  The company has already started making plans and they would love feedback from you.  Please Like Revelation Guy on Facebook so you can submit your opinions to the management team and please be sure to check out the Revelation Conference website often, as this will be updated with all the pertinent information between now and as the conference approaches.

Mobile Devices – A Market On The Move

In the final quarter of 2010, for the first time, sales of handheld mobile devices – defined as smartphones and tablets – exceeded sales of “conventional” connected devices, such as desktop systems and laptops. Although the overwhelming majority of businesses continue to run their essential operations (ERP and CRM) on desktop GUI devices, most client-facing software development in the last decade has focused on internet applications, targeting web browsers running on these conventional systems. With the ascendancy of the handheld mobile device (with their different form factors and varying communication and processor speed), these internet applications will have to change to accommodate the different environment at the same time they grow in importance.

Grouping together smartphones and tablets as “handheld mobile devices” blurs the very large differences amongst the devices in this group, and obscures – but in no way remedies – the problems with building software that works well with all of them. These differences fall into three categories: form factor, connectivity, and software.