Did You Know – ClientSetup

That you can push the OpenInsight ClientSetup out to each workstation on the network.

Each workstation that accesses an OpenInsight application requires several libraries and supporting MSI packages to be installed.  Revelation have published a new technical article that presents several methods to prepare new workstations using the ClientSetup.exe program provided in the OpenInsight directory.

OpenInsight should be installed and shared from a network folder before following the guidelines listed.  If you have not already installed OpenInsight please refer to the installation instructions and then return here to setup additional workstations.

Please Click here to learn more.

2 thoughts on “Did You Know – ClientSetup

  1. Andy

    I know it’s been along time since this post but I have just been tasked with seeing about performing the ClientSetup (version 9.4x) from within a Windows Docker container.
    I have used the command line arguments to perform the installation – this works fine on a regular Windows VM but not from within the container.

    Any thoughts at all?

    I can only assume that this is due to some installation process expecting to find a UI layer – but this doesn’t exist within the container.


    1. Hi Andy, I am afraid that this is not something that I have come across. I think that it would be best to contact whoever supports your system, or contact your local Revelation office if you are an OI WORKS subscriber.


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