OpenInsight 9.3.2

Mike and the team are putting the finishing touches to the forthcoming OpenInsight 9.3.2 release.  With the beta program just a couple of weeks away, now is a great time to drop me a line with your wishes (ideas, bug fixes, customer needs, etc.) for consideration for this next OpenInsight release.  As usual, I’ll publish the new features and main enhancements here when I have them.


One thought on “OpenInsight 9.3.2

  1. Matt Crozier

    I don’t know if this has been addressed at in OI 9, but I’ll mention it in case it hasn’t ;). In OI8, UTF8 mode, and index update on an XREF text index that has a very large amount of words in an index transaction can take hours! I suspect this might be due to REMOVE statements in the index update code (F.DISTRIBUTER, etc), which perform diabolically in UTF8 mode (see Carl’s blog).

    If not done already, I suggest reviewing all internal code (especially for indexes) for REMOVE statements to see if they can be replaced with BREMOVE statements, to substantially improve performance. The only case I think of where BREMOVE cannot replace REMOVE is where the the returned ‘column’ position is subsequently used in the code to reference Character position rather than Byte position – but I would think this isn’t likely (?).

    Cheers, M@

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