BRW Tech Tip

Did you know…

That the Banded Report Writer can join multiple tables together?

The new Banded Report Writer (BRW) normally generates its output from a single table, using that table’s dictionary to describe the available fields for display.  In the OpenInsight world, we’re used to pulling data from multiple tables together using translate (“xlate”) fields (and the BRW can use these types of dictionary items without any difficulty), but sometimes you want to generate reports using data from multiple tables that haven’t been defined as “xlate fields.”  The BRW lets you graphically take two tables that are joined by some common field and “link” them together into a single report.

In order for this to work properly, one of the tables has to contain the key to the records in the second table; for example, the records in a CUSTOMERS table might contain the keys to the invoices for that customer, stored in the INVOICES table. The table that contains the keys (in our example, the CUSTOMERS table) will be called the “primary” table, and the table that is pointed to (in our example, the INVOICES table) will be called the “child” table. We’ll use the BRW to make two reports – one based on the primary table, and a “sub report” based on the child table – and then join them together.. READ ON…

2 thoughts on “BRW Tech Tip

    1. I am not overly technical, but I believe that you would create a data column with the XLate in the usual way and call that from within your report in the BRW. I created my extra XLate columns and named them BRW_xxxx so that I could reference them easily in design time.

      However, you would be best advised to ask whoever supports you (manages your WORKS support) for a more qualified reply, or you could email for PAYG assistance.


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