Skype blocking IIS, so O4W failing.

Here is one for anyone using O4W and who installs or upgrades Skype.

Skype Advanced Settings
Skype Advanced Settings

I have been running O4W demos off and on with no issues and just recently I have begun using Skype more and more and it now lunches when Windows launches, rather than only when I want to use it.  However, whilst O4W ran fine for a demo last week, it failed to run this afternoon.  Well actually, it was not O4W that failed to run as a quick test running http://localhost also failed, proving that the issue was on the IIS side or a port somewhere.

After a couple of hours messing around, I threw the towel in and called Jared in the US office.  Through his knowledge of such things he quickly ascertained that my O4W port was being blocked by Skype using port 80.  Diving into the Skype settings he found that on the Skype Options window I had the ‘Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections’ set.  I don;t recall setting that checkbox and I can’t see any reason why I would and I can only suspect that it was set automatically during a recent Skype update.

We unchecked the check box and enabled CGI in the computer management module in Windows (I’d turn off and back in IIS which disabled CGI.exe.  Restarted the web server and the OEngineserver and all is now well again.

So, if your O4W is running fine and then you suddenly start getting 404 errors and you have trouble running localhost, it might be worth checking your Skype settings.

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