Keep up with the OI 10 development phase

During the recent EMEA RUG meeting Mike and Carl covered the highlights of the forthcoming OpenInsight version 10 release.  This is a major development project that has been underway for some time and it is now really moving along.

Feedback from our OpenInsight developers (and MultiValue developers using the OI connector technology) will become more and more important as the project progresses.  However, how are you expected to feedback and contribute without detailed information about the release?

Well, Revelation have recently published a brand new blog entitled ‘Building OpenInsight 10’ and this will provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to keep up with the changes, enhancements and new features of this most exciting release.

Take a visit now and you’ll find out about two well used functions that have been deprecated in OpenInsight 10 ( I bet I have your attention now 😉 ) and also details of some new properties for the SYSTEM object.

Towards the bottom of the blog page you’ll see a link to ‘Follow’ the blog.  I would strongly urge you to register to receive emailed updates direct from the blog as they become available.

Thanks Rev, for a really great resource to help us all keep up with what’s happening to OpenInsight as we all move further into the 64-bit arena.

Did you know . . .

That you can provide a professional and consistent look to your O4W web pages through the use of templates. All the O4W wizard routines (O4W Forms, O4W Reports, O4W Dashboards, etc.), as well as the O4W APIs, allow the developer to specify one or more “templates” on which their output can be displayed. A template contains all the additional html elements needed to generate the full web page that a browser can display.  This includes images, colors, and style elements that both surround, and may be used by, the O4W routine’s output. READ ON…


Development has started on OpenInsight (OI) 10.0 which will include a 32-bit and 64-bit implementation of the product. Licensing/Pricing for the 10.x series (32 & 64 bit) will remain the same as the 9.x series. OI 10.0 will include the following new components:

  • An embedded web server in the OEngineServer for use with the O4W_CHILD_FORM and O4W_STANDALONE_FORM.
  • A WYSIWYG O4W Form Designer.
  • Increased performance on 64-bit operating systems.
  • A browser-based Management Console (OI Console) is planned to include:
    – Database statistical dashboard
    – Indexing as a service
    – User management tools
    – Table resizing tools
    – Lock management
    – Remote control of other OpenInsight instances
    – SELECT management
    – Configuration record maintenance

Improvements to indexing (faster building/rebuilding).

Rev EMEA RUG Update

Well my feet are finally hovering somewhere near the ground following a very busy time after last week’s RUG and road trip.

During the RUG we learned that, despite the global downturn and turmoil in some of our markets, Revelation has sold over 13,000 new seats in the last 12 months and the company remains very profitable.  Mike also touched on some of the enhancements in OpenInsight version 9.3.2 (MV connectors, BRW and O4W enhancements) and he highlighted the growing importance of mobile applications going forward.  It was nice to know that Revelation are ready for those new challenges – not just within the OI technology but with hosted solutions as well.

The majority of Mike’s initial presentation was given over to running through the company’s plans for OpenInsight version 10, due sometime towards the end of 2013.  Version 10 is going to be another milestone release in the life of OpenInsight and Mike clearly demonstrated that the team have a very clear path into the 64-bit world.

Using nearly a dozen slides, Mike touched on the campany’s plans to support both 32-bit and 64-bit versions at version 10, with fewer .dll files and access to more memory.  The team will also be looking to overhaul indexing and Selects, to include a brand new management console module, a WYSIWYG O4W Form Designer and an embedded web server.  The new version will also include a number of engine updates, including faster performance and support for multi-threaded operation.  Other plans for version 10 followed and the audience contributed to more ideas for the management console and other parts of OpenInsight.

Just before lunch I tackled the new 9.x Banded Report Writer.  This is a tool that I am now using for all of my OpenInsight reports and my presentation showed how a simple column based report can be created and then enhanced to band the data in the report.  The presentation also showed how associated MultiValue data can be displayed in an exploded report format and how calculated columns can be used to dynamically sum data within the report.  When I finally get a couple of hours to myself, I might look at cutting this presentation into a video to accompany my desktop OI Tutorials.  I’d welcome your thoughts on whether you’d find this video useful.

Following a lunch that very nearly didn’t happen, Andrew took us through how CSS can be used to really jazz up a standard O4W wizard built interface.  Using a real world O4W project that Sprezzatura are currently working on, he showed how a very nice navigation panel can be used to drive an O4W based system and how more control can be gained over the positioning and layout of the form’s controls.

To finish off the afternoon, Mike dropped into 9.3.2 and took a look at some of the new features in the banded Report Writer that I was unable to show in my presentation and some of the other 9.3.2 enhancements.

All in all, feedback from the event has been great, with heightened interest in the 9.x series following what was shown during the day.  We are now looking forward to a couple of days in December in which you can find out more about the 9.x new features and enhancements in a formal training session and then the main Revelation Conference in Nashville, USA during April 2013 – see you there.

What Don’t You Know that You Don’t Know???

As recent RUGs have shown, there has been a mountain of new features added into OpenInsight version 9.x and Mike has constantly shared hints, tips and how to’s during the RUGs over the last few years.  However, I appreciate that not everyone can make the RUGs and those of you who have joined us from time to time will not always have been ready to embrace the good things that OI 9.x has to offer at that time.

Even then, many of you who have made the move to OpenInsight 9.x often ask me what you might be missing.  Obviously, the readme files hold the key to most of that information but, with so many changes and so little time, I have recently been asked to consider a short training course to cover the 9.x series and to explore what you might be missing out on.

Aimed at anyone using OpenInsight 9.x and those people planning to make the move sometime soon, it is my plan to invite Mike Ruane over for a few days during the week of the 3rd December and, using OpenInsight 9.3.2, ask him to review the recent releases exploring the new features and to generally educate you on what you might be missing out on within the latest OpenInsight version.

There will be a nominal charge for the two day session.  This will be based on simply covering our costs to fly Mike over from the USA, his accommodation and a suitable venue, split between the attendees.  For this reason, I will confirm the final cost for the days nearer the time.  This event will no doubt require an overnight stay for most people and for this reason I am considering a venue north of London, maybe Milton Keynes.

Please drop me a line to register your interest in this ‘OpenInsight 9.x What Don’t you Know’ session, along with your thoughts on a venue in London or Milton Keynes and whether you would prefer a Monday and tuesday session or a Wednesday and Thursday session (we might do two) and I will be sure to contact you with further details as they are made available.