14 thoughts on “Are you running any Arev 3.12 or prior system?

  1. Gary C

    Hi Martyn, I have an account running AREV32 on XP workstations. I assume they are okay ?

    Gary Carpenter Independent Business Software

  2. Dan Unrein

    Hi, Martyn, I have installations running Arev 3.12 on Windows XP workstations. What kind of bad news do you have for me?

  3. Simon King

    Hello Martin!

    There has been a problem indeed, but it hasn’t stopped AREV from working — it’s merely that when you log off and return to W-XP, a Windows error message pop-up tells you that “NTVDM.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”. It also invites you send a report to Microsoft, which I did the first time but not on the scores of times since. Otherwise, the AREV application works just fine.

    Is a new and worse problem in the offing?



    Simon King, Research Director Military Policy Research Ltd 92a Church Way Iffley, Oxford OX4 4EF, UK Tel/Fax: +44 1865 396050 Email: sek@mpr.co.uk Internet: http://www.mpr.co.uk

  4. David C

    We’re running Arev 2.12. The MS12-068 patch apparently disables expanded memory and we’re rolling back the patch this weekend! MS doesn’t explain these impacts.

  5. Simon King

    Dear Martyn

    Thanks for you phone call on Friday. I’ll be in the office today from 3 to 6.

    A possible interim measure pending my migration to OI is to upgrade to AREV 3.2 — what would it cost?


    Simon King, Research Director Military Policy Research Ltd 92a Church Way Iffley, Oxford OX4 4EF, UK Tel/Fax: +44 1865 396050 Email: sek@mpr.co.uk Internet: http://www.mpr.co.uk

  6. Using emsmagic solves this problem. But you will need to include the command line switch /L and also make sure that you have XMS enabled and set to 16MB in your command prompt properties.

    1. Since coming across this issue, EMSMagic has come up a couple of times, with mixed results. It seems to work for some, but not all and some people don’t want to keep relying on third party workarounds.

      I honestly think that this is a major wake up call for users of legacy ARev systems to seriously think about the future of their applications and make the move to ARev32 or plain OI. I’d hate to be running my business on what seems to now be a ticking time bomb.

  7. I just found an answer to a ridiculous problem that I would like to present to you in case you or your users have not (yet) run across this problem.

    The other day, Nov 6, 2012 to be exact, I found that my computer did an “automatic update” and rebooted, as it occasionally does. The problem is that when I then tried to start up a rev, running on my old laptop that purposefully I have kept on win xp so I can continue to use it with my old AREV program, a rev would only come up with ems as “inactive”.

    I tried tons of different config methods and nothing would work.
    After a lot of searching, I found a link that explained, and solved, my problem.
    Turns out that the latest update disabled ems support!!
    The actual update is:
    Security Update for Windows XP (KB274197)
    When I removed / reversed this “update” the system went back to working and allowing ems for arev. without it, I could simply not use anything but the first menu level in a rev.

    The instructions are found in:

    Please post and disseminate this information as I searched long and hard to resolve this problem!
    I have attached a file that has a printout/copy of the page for those who can’t find/resolve that page
    (see attachment)

    I have always greatly valued your input and additions to all things a rev, and hope this is of some help to others who still use arev. (by the way, I am constantly amazed that the program I initially wrote in 1987 is still running strong and accurately to this day! In what is now almost 25 years of use, I have NEVER lost any patient files, and in that time, my system has been “down” for only 3 partial days! – I rub that in to all those who say how good their systems are. No one has been able to beat that record!)

    Keep up the good work! Hopefully someday I will go through the update to arev32 / OI, but thus far, I have simply not expended the effort and time to do so, but I fear that I will need to do such one day.

    With great respect and appreciation,
    Craig DuBois, MD

    1. Hi Craig,

      Thanks for your email. This is something that I was made aware of a couple of weeks ago and which lead to this blog posting and a number of telephone calls with ARev users and developers in my region. It seems that more writing is on the wall with regards to ARev. I have been telling ARev people to make the move for the last few years and this message is never more important than now.

      I’d strongly urge you to investigate ARev32 (or have us run your application through the conversion tools for you) sooner rather than later, if, for no other reason, just to know what you’d need to do if you finally suddenly lose access to your ARev system.


  8. Issac Ceballos

    I’m running an accounting program on arev don’t know what version.
    Some features have stopped working and we need help.
    Please anything would be great.

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