Keep up with the OI 10 development phase

During the recent EMEA RUG meeting Mike and Carl covered the highlights of the forthcoming OpenInsight version 10 release.  This is a major development project that has been underway for some time and it is now really moving along.

Feedback from our OpenInsight developers (and MultiValue developers using the OI connector technology) will become more and more important as the project progresses.  However, how are you expected to feedback and contribute without detailed information about the release?

Well, Revelation have recently published a brand new blog entitled ‘Building OpenInsight 10’ and this will provide you with all the necessary information to enable you to keep up with the changes, enhancements and new features of this most exciting release.

Take a visit now and you’ll find out about two well used functions that have been deprecated in OpenInsight 10 ( I bet I have your attention now 😉 ) and also details of some new properties for the SYSTEM object.

Towards the bottom of the blog page you’ll see a link to ‘Follow’ the blog.  I would strongly urge you to register to receive emailed updates direct from the blog as they become available.

Thanks Rev, for a really great resource to help us all keep up with what’s happening to OpenInsight as we all move further into the 64-bit arena.


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