What Don’t You Know that You Don’t Know???

As recent RUGs have shown, there has been a mountain of new features added into OpenInsight version 9.x and Mike has constantly shared hints, tips and how to’s during the RUGs over the last few years.  However, I appreciate that not everyone can make the RUGs and those of you who have joined us from time to time will not always have been ready to embrace the good things that OI 9.x has to offer at that time.

Even then, many of you who have made the move to OpenInsight 9.x often ask me what you might be missing.  Obviously, the readme files hold the key to most of that information but, with so many changes and so little time, I have recently been asked to consider a short training course to cover the 9.x series and to explore what you might be missing out on.

Aimed at anyone using OpenInsight 9.x and those people planning to make the move sometime soon, it is my plan to invite Mike Ruane over for a few days during the week of the 3rd December and, using OpenInsight 9.3.2, ask him to review the recent releases exploring the new features and to generally educate you on what you might be missing out on within the latest OpenInsight version.

There will be a nominal charge for the two day session.  This will be based on simply covering our costs to fly Mike over from the USA, his accommodation and a suitable venue, split between the attendees.  For this reason, I will confirm the final cost for the days nearer the time.  This event will no doubt require an overnight stay for most people and for this reason I am considering a venue north of London, maybe Milton Keynes.

Please drop me a line to register your interest in this ‘OpenInsight 9.x What Don’t you Know’ session, along with your thoughts on a venue in London or Milton Keynes and whether you would prefer a Monday and tuesday session or a Wednesday and Thursday session (we might do two) and I will be sure to contact you with further details as they are made available.