Best wishes for the Season

Everyone at Revelation Software wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season and a very prosperous New Year.

2012 has been a busy year for Revelation and their clients and end users.  The company has seen countless new deployments throughout the year to both traditional desktop and O4W based web solutions and we also saw the release of OpenInsight 9.3.1 in March and then 9.3.2 followed in September.

2013 is already looking like it will be a hugely productive year as well.  There are already plans for OpenInsight 9.4 to be released during Q1 2013 and this will be closely followed by the Revelation Software Users Conference in April.  Development of OpenInsight 10 continues at a great pace and if all goes to plan we’ll be seeing the year out with our 64-bit release of OpenInsight 10 – I have already seen and heard about some of the good things coming in version 10 and it is definitely going to be a very that every OpenInsight developer and end user will want to be taking full advantage of.

RevUK will be closed on 25th and 26th December and then again on the 1st January.  We’ll be running a skeleton staff from the 27th through to the 2nd January, so please be sure to contact support using only the email address and I’ll be watching my usual email address for any sales and licensing related questions.

So, please stay safe over the holiday season, have a great time with your families and see the New Year in with all the celebrations of what promises to be a great year.

Did you know . . . Configurable OEngineServer

TECH TIPS  –  Did you know…

That the OEngineServer is configurable via the eserver.cfg configuration file located within your OpenInsight directory?  This contains overall server settings as well as default settings for various types of client connections.  The OEngineServer can also perform some operations independent of any client requests – specifically, a “startup” process, “shutdown” process, and “timer” process can be executed on any OEngines that are created, and an overall “startup” (also known as “coldstart”) process can be defined to run when the OEngineServer is first started.

Please click here to access the Revelation knowledge base which includes a wealth of information on this topic.

In Development (OI 10)

OI 10 Engine Server Console
OI 10 Engine Server Console

I have frequently discussed the monitoring of OpenInsight engines with clients, especially those running web based systems using OECGI3 with the ability to queue requests and I am super pleased to let you all know that from OpenInsight version 10 the toolset will include an OI Console (an initial screen shot is shown adjacent).

The OpenInsight Console will provide database administrators with the ability to manage the database environment for both global and application specific items from a browser interface. Items to be manged include:

  • Create/Edit Users
  • Lock/User Management
  • Linear Hash Management
  • Tables and Indices
  • MV BFS
  • Configuration Records
  • Environment Settings
  • Authorization Code
  • eServer Management
  • eServer Configuration
  • O4W Configuration
  • Registry Settings

Watch out for more details about OpenInsight 10 development through 2013 and especially at the technology briefings at the 2013 Revelation Conference.

UDH 4.7 Announced.


Universal Driver Heavy 4.7 To Be Released

The Revelation Universal Driver Heavy (UDH) v.4.7 is expected to be released in January 2013.  The UDH is client/server software that is designed to allow real time mirroring of your Revelation linear hash data.  This exciting new release will deliver speed improvements on refreshing a list of records when a large number of tables are active.  It will also provide users with 64-bit compatibility for the UDH Manager and the ability to change the service state with revcmd.exe from a batch script while the UDH Manager is open.

This new release fixes an issue that can result in spurious SSP247 messages appearing on the server console while the UDH Manager is open and it also fixes a special condition bug that caused the service to orphan journal files.

Upgrades from existing versions of the UDH to the 4.7 release will be free of charge.




Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoRevelation Software, USA are now accepting early bird reservations for the 2013 Conference which is being held at the Sheraton Music City Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee between the 16th and 19th April.

This is Revelation’s headline event of the year and it is without doubt the single best place to learn a huge amount about the products that OpenInsight developer all rely on each and everyday.  It is also an amazing place to meet new friends, catch up with past acquaintances and generally have some fun networking and learning new things.

Registration Includes:

  • All presentations and sessions
  • Lunch Wednesday and Thursday
  • Continental breakfast
  • Dinner event

Conference pricing:

$1,095.00 Single attendee
$995.00 Single attendee, early bird
(register by February 28, 2013)
$995.00 Second attendee
$225.00 Travel partner
Free Travel partner under 5 years old

Please contact RevUS on the numbers below for more information or to make your early bird reservations:

Call 800 262 4747 in the U.S.
Call +1 201 594 1422 outside the U.S.