In Development (OI 10)

OI 10 Engine Server Console
OI 10 Engine Server Console

I have frequently discussed the monitoring of OpenInsight engines with clients, especially those running web based systems using OECGI3 with the ability to queue requests and I am super pleased to let you all know that from OpenInsight version 10 the toolset will include an OI Console (an initial screen shot is shown adjacent).

The OpenInsight Console will provide database administrators with the ability to manage the database environment for both global and application specific items from a browser interface. Items to be manged include:

  • Create/Edit Users
  • Lock/User Management
  • Linear Hash Management
  • Tables and Indices
  • MV BFS
  • Configuration Records
  • Environment Settings
  • Authorization Code
  • eServer Management
  • eServer Configuration
  • O4W Configuration
  • Registry Settings

Watch out for more details about OpenInsight 10 development through 2013 and especially at the technology briefings at the 2013 Revelation Conference.


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