Revelation has now published the 2012 End of Year WORKS DVD to the WORKS area on www.revelation.com.  Traditionally, mailed out as a hard CD, Revelation has moved to online delivery of this content this year.

If you are a current WORKS subscriber, please log into the WORKS area and navigate to the usual WORKS Downloads section and choose ‘View All by Date Posted’.  The DVD is currently the top link, but if you are reading this later into 2013 please scroll down to 25/02/2013 to locate the file.  The download page includes full instructions on downloading and using the ISO file.

OpenInsight 9.4 goes into Beta

OpenInsight 9.4
OpenInsight 9.4

I am pleased to announce that the OpenInsight 9.4 beta has now been published to the Beta Forum on www.revelation.com.  Please head over there if you have registered for the beta program to download the installation file and to request your installation key.

If you are not yet registered for the OpenInsight Beta Program and you wish to check out the new version, please contact me for further details.



Lesson for the day

As many of you will know, I’m currently working on a new application for my archery club and some deadlines loom because we have some competitions scheduled and for which this application will be most useful.  Without the luxury of being able to drop something because it’s too hard, I’m leaning on one member of my technical team and he is helping me to over come some hurdles that would be too high for me at the moment.

Anyway, this weekend and today has taught me one huge lesson – An evening’s application development consists of 25 frustrations, 50 deadends, 100 ripping you hair out moments and just one moment of jubilation when something works – that one moment makes all the other problems evaporate and all the effort worthwhile.

I’m beginning to realise why programmers love their jobs so much and working with a great team that is Sprezzatura makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Did You Know . . . DBT file.

Did you know…That OpenInsight’s database management system is based on pluggable storage implementations, called filing systems.  The most common example is Linear Hash, which is implemented by the RTP57 filing system function. The configuration information for those filing systems, which primarily defines the set of tables available to an application, is stored persistently (i.e., is not lost when you log out of OpenInsight) in a .DBT file.

In OpenInsight terms, a table is available if it is attached, and thus can be opened. As a result, without additional coding, a table is not available unless it is in the application’s .DBT file. Click here to read further details…

Call for OI 9.4 Beta Testers

As Revelation finish their internal testing of OpenInsight 9.4, the organisation would like to make an invitation for beta testers to any member of the WORKS Subscription program.

If you are a current WORKS subscriber and you would like to get your hands on the beta software, please contact Revelation Software in the US to register your interest.

I will be blogging the complete readme file at the time of the commercial launch, but in the meantime OpenInsight 9.4 includes enhancements and fixes in some of the following categories:

  • Improved the capability to print program listings with keywords colorized.
  • Improvements to the MVBFS connector.
  • Improvements to the Arev32 conversion process.
  • Includes O4W v. 1.5.

Please also remember that development continues at a cracking pace on OpenInsight 10 and you can get details of all the latest developments and innovations on the dedicated OpenInsight 10 blog.

OpenInsight’s image handling is about to go to a new level.

New image control in OI 10.
Greater control of images in OI 10.

Those of you that have seen my OpenInsight applications will know that I spend a fair amount of time on the UI and like to have smooth graphics.  Whilst I use .png files throughout, I have still resulted to creating them with a background colour the same as my window background.  With operating system themes and other advances this can sometimes catch me out.

It was therefore great to see the latest OpenInsight 10 blog posting and what we will be able to do with .png graphics in the new version.

Click here for more details.