Lesson for the day

As many of you will know, I’m currently working on a new application for my archery club and some deadlines loom because we have some competitions scheduled and for which this application will be most useful.  Without the luxury of being able to drop something because it’s too hard, I’m leaning on one member of my technical team and he is helping me to over come some hurdles that would be too high for me at the moment.

Anyway, this weekend and today has taught me one huge lesson – An evening’s application development consists of 25 frustrations, 50 deadends, 100 ripping you hair out moments and just one moment of jubilation when something works – that one moment makes all the other problems evaporate and all the effort worthwhile.

I’m beginning to realise why programmers love their jobs so much and working with a great team that is Sprezzatura makes the experience even more enjoyable.


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