2012 WORKS DVD Contents

As the EOY CD is now being published via the web, rather than a hard CD, a few of you have asked me about the contents of the latest disk.  Having now downloaded my copy and having created the disk, I am pleased to detail the disks contents.

The disk is divided up into seven navigable sections and I’ll itemise each one in bullet form below.

  1. Home
    • A page of text from Revelation Software
  2. OpenInsight 9.3.2
    • A copy of the OpenInsight 9.3.2 Full Install
    • A copy of the 9.3.2 Readme File
    • A copy of the 9.3.2 Install Guide
  3. Universal Driver 4.7 Network User License
    • UD NUL Redistributable Zip File
    • Readme File
    • UD47 NUL Installation Instructions
    • Network Driver Update for Large Keys
  4. Documentation
    • 20 Quick Start guides on various OpenInsight related topics
    • 8 links that look at whats new in the various 9.x releases
    • OpenInsight Online Help – Links to the OIOnlineHelp.chm file.
    • Guide to Application Development – Links to the Oinsight.chm file.
    • Programmers Reference Manual – Links to the ProgRef.chm file.
    • Native Tables Manual – Links to the NTHelp.chm file.
    • OpenEngine Reference Manual – Links to the OpenEngine.chm.
    • Internationalisation Guide – Links to the International.chm.
    • Character to OpenInsight – Links to the CTO.chm.
    • Runtime Deployment Kit Help – Links to the RDKHelp.chm.
    • Unicode Support – Links to the Unicode.chm file.
  5. Upgrades
    • A link to the OpenInsight 9.x Authorisation Key Request form on http://www.revelation.com.
    • OpenInsight 9.3.2 Upgrade Files
    • OpenInsight 9.3.1 Upgrade Files
    • OpenInsight 9.3 Upgrade Files
    • OpenInsight 9.2.1 Upgrade Files
    • Links to the OpenInsight 9.2 All-In-One Upgrade Files on http://www.revelation.com (Updates 7.2 through 8.0.8 only)
  6. White Papers
    • A whole host of white papers that is too long to list here.
  7. Video Tutorials – Links to various videos on http://www.revelation.com
    • OpenInsight – Links to my OI QSG Series of videos
    • U2 – Links to the U2 Connector video
    • ARev32 – Links to the ARev32 Conversion Wizard videos (Part 1 and Part 2)
    • Universal Driver – Installing the Universal Driver 4.0
    • CTO – Importing Pick based applications into OpenInsight
    • OpenInsight Tech – A number of videos covering:
      1. OpenInsight’s Source Code Management
      2. OpenInsight 9.1’s RevDotNet Quick Start Guide (Part 1 and 2)
      3. Enhanced TCL for OpenInsight 9.2
      4. OpenInsight’s OEngine Server
      5. Efficient Basic+ Coding for OpenInsight
      6. Drag and Drop
      7. Context Menus
      8. Commuter Modules
    • SQL – A demonstration of OpenInsight’s SQL connector Technology
    • D3 – Requirements and Setup Demonstration
    • O4W – Links to my various O4W SQG series of videos


So, quite a host of good resources for any OpenInsight developer to have available to them.  The download is pretty large 800Mb but I think that it is a useful download to have if you are working with and supporting OpenInsight systems.

2 thoughts on “2012 WORKS DVD Contents

  1. OK, so all that talk about videos has prompted a suggestion that I create a video on the EOY DVD. That has been created and it is rendering as i type this comment. Watch for it coming VERY soon.

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