My latest OI project

It never fails to amaze me what OpenInsight enables me to build.  Yes my development skills are getting better (I hope) and yes I am now dabbling in Code (Code Jockey style) but this project has really given me a boost.

Anyway, some people have recently been asking me how my archery application is going and what it does.  For that reason, I thought that it might be time to produce a couple of videos showing what I have been up to.  Please note that this is a project that I am still working on and the solution is not yet complete and still has a fair number of bugs to iron out.

However, I welcome your thoughts and comments – Professional developers, please be kind <g>.

Day to Day Admin side of the system –

Archery Tournament Manager –


13 thoughts on “My latest OI project

    1. I am not using hyperlinks as such. The blue text is simply a label with the text set to blue. I then use a button with a transparent image with the code. The blue text in edit tables is just formatted using colstyle and then the cell is clickable using code.

      Simple and no need for anything outside of normal OI.

    1. The application continues to be enhanced, but it has been driving our archery club for the last couple of years and a few highly complex tournaments – getting the results out in super fast time.

  1. Matelot

    Both Modules look very useful for Archery Clubs, but the membership module, with all the data looks ideal for Club Secretaries to administer their clubs

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