#RevCon13 – Final Posting

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoI promise that this will be the final blog entry from me with regards to this years amazing Revelation Software 2013 Conference in Nashville.

Following another mammoth O4W tutorial session with Bryan, Mike took to the stand one last time to close out the conference. The highlights of his talk included:

  1. A thank you to everyone that took the time to attend this year’s conference and to those who gave the presentations. He also thanked Billy Kirsch for a very      entertaining keynote address which resulted in Revelation’s very own song – check out the conference highlight video.
  2. The Mixer evening (replacing the Vendor Fair) was a great success with at least 8 laptops open and information being shared. This appears to have been a much more casual event enjoyed by all.
  3. The conference included over 5 hours of O4W content and most of that being tuition based.  Mike hinted at the ‘possibility’ of some of the O4W content being published online for conference attendees or in the WORKS area.
  4. OpenInsight 9.4 will be the main priority on the return to the office, as well as OI 10 and the removal of the last traces of Notes from the website. The Notes content is largely (if not completely) being replaced with O4W content.
  5. Plenty of fun was had by all during the conference. This included the keynote address and the evening out. Mixed with alot of technical content and learning and this conference has proven to be another huge success and rewarding for all who attended.
  6. Finally, Mike did not give a date for the next conference but asked for some feedback on the current conference and whether people would like another on in 12 or 18months time. With everyone’s training budgets being stretched and the cost of conference venues and the associated bits and pieces, Mike is looking for some guidance on timescales from those of you that hope to attend the next conference.

I think that the cat is out of the bag and, for personal reasons; I was not personally able to make it to the conference this time. However, I fully intend to be at the next one and it looks like I missed a lot of very good stuff at this year’s event. Hopefully these blog postings will have helped to underline what the Revelation Conferences are all about and I hope that you will be able to join me and the Revelation team at the next Revelation Software Conference whenever and wherever it is to be held.

Finally, I’d like to congratulate Nancy and her team on a great job, well done.

#RevCon13 – The conference draws to a close.

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoWell, all good things must come to an end and the same can be said for the Revelation Software 2013 World Conference.  The final technical session is done and Mike has taken the spotlight for one last time to wrapup the conference.  This will also be my final ‘planned’ blog posting with regards to this years conference.

Once again, the team at Revelation have put on an amazing show and with the help of some highly knowledgable speakers everyone will have struggled to leave Nashville without a long list of things that they want to know more about, that they want to incorporate into their solutions and those all importnant little tips and how to’s that make attending the conference all too important.

I hope that these blog postings have been of interest to those of you that could not make the conference this year and that they have tempted you to make the next conference.  I apologise to those of you that subscribe to my blog and who have not been interested and therefore bombarded with these postings this week.  You’ll be pleased to know that normal service will now resume with more occasional postings.

This posting will be edited following Mike’s closing address with a few additional details, so please check back here early next week.

The conference wrapup video can be found online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CHzrn1b4Ks&list=UUoDlRSmTk0-XyB2Ij_Mig6A&index=1

I’ll add a new blog posting touching on the content of Mike’s closing address.


#RevCon13 – Final Day and it’s O4W

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoThis morning the Revelation Software 2013 conference schedule will be dedicated to the amazing (OK, I’m more that a little biased) O4W.  This easy to use web technology has proved to, yet again, be a highlight of the conference and it will feature highly on the ‘must find out more’ lists of those developers and users that have made it to Nashville for the conference.

Following on the training session earlier in the week, Bob Catalano and Bryan Shumsky will dedicate this morning’s session to Building Mobile Applications with O4W.

In this three hour training session, Bryan will build on what developers learned at the O4W Programming Practices session earlier this week and attendees will learn the specific design considerations and techniques needed to create mobile web applications using O4W.  Basic+ programming experience and familiarity with the powerful O4W APIs is recommended for this session.

With mobile applications becoming more and more important to businesses and individuals, this will be one hot, HOT, topic to close out the technciual side of this years highly educational conference.

#RevCon13 – Put your data to work and Package Management

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoAs today’s breakout sessions draw to an end there is just time for a presentation from Mary Jean Blink and Bob Cloney and they will be up against another double act, this time Andrew McAuley and Aaron Kaplan.

Put Your Data to Work
Mary Jean Blink and Bob Cloney (Elite Spice)
Any business application designer should recognise that time is one of the most costly, yet frequently overlooked, expense incurred by business.  Once the value of time is lost, it will never be recaptured.

Business data is an invaluable commodity that is collected and stored in large quantities.  However, time consuming processes are often required before data can be abstracted into relevant business information.  We are challenged to deliver the right information, to the right people, at the right time…IMMEDIATELY!!!

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your business or client struggle to manage multi-valued relational data and transform data into meaningful business information?
  2. Have you considered how much time is lost to retrieving and processing data before truly valuable information can be presented to and analysed by your application’s users?
  3. Are you concerned about the performance of your application on a network and across the cloud using O4W?
  4. Do you fear using relational indexes and have you heard that you should never put a Btree index on a symbolic?

This presentation will aim to dispel the myths and put your data to work using a strategic combination of relational indexes, Btree indexes and practical user interfaces.

During the presentation, Mary Jean and Bob will present a demonstration of the methods and techniques to abstract real business data into valuable and timely business information.

Package Management in OpenInsight
Andrew McAuley and Aaron Kaplan (Sprezzatura)
Many Revelation developers have been working with OpenInsight for a good number of years and they have a wealth of tools and utilities to manage and to include in robust system deployments.

During this presentation, the Sprezzatura team will explain how package management has helped to manage their plethora of tools to create consistent deployments without accidentally reverting entities.

Package management allows for the generation of deployments ensuring that the correct software versions are always deployed.  In addition to the thorough discussion that you have come to expect from a Sprezzatura presentation, Andrew and Aaron will also be demonstrating the organisation’s in-house tool which now manages and creates all of Sprezzatura’s software distributions.

#Revcon13 – Speed Matters and ARev32

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoThe second set of breakout sessions for today see Mike taking a second presentation for today and Stefano will be tackling a topic that is important for all software developers.

Speed Matters
Stefano Cavaglieri (Fonoteca Nazionale Svizzera)
Everyone is familiar with the benefits of speed, in particular when it comes to processing larger amounts of data, but there is more than that.

During this presentation, Stefano will give a brief explanation of the purposes and then he will dig into a number of coding techniques, all rigorously written in OpenInsight’s Basic+, aimed to perform faster.  He will step through some of the code snippets published in 2006 on International Spectrum by Mike Ruane, then he will have a closer look at some highly optimized code snippets written for solving specific issues at Fonoteca.

He will then round of this presentation by analysing some code written for various aspects of a word game.  All of the source code will be shown, executed, benchmarked, compared, and discussed.

Making the move to ARev32
Mike Ruane (Revelation)
The enduring nature of Advanced Revelation applications means that there are still countless individuals and organisations who rely on their DOS based ARev systems day in and day out.  All too often these are mission critical systems and organisations would suffer if the system was lost for more than a few short hours.

If your application is still running in ARev or RevG, you are at the mercy of Microsoft updates as to whether the next update to Windows will disable your application. Several of my clients had a real scare recently following a Windows XP update and some of those organisations hurriedly tried to back out of the upgrade when their found their ARev systems crippled.

In this session, Mike will describe the process of moving an ARev application from DOS to Arev32 and ensuring your application will be running for years to come on modern operating systems.

Whether you are at conference or just following the proceedings through my blog, Facebook, or whatever AND you are still running an ARev or RevG DOS based system, don’t leave things to chance.  Call or email me today to discuss the things that you need to be concerned about and your options going forward.

PLEASE, don’t leave it until that morning when you have no system and you enter into full on panic mode.  Many ARev systems are over 25 years old and RevG systems are even older.  Isn’t it time to consider upgrading to something a little more modern, flexible and supportable going forward?

#RevCon13 – OI with Outlook and Programming the OI Console

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoWith lunch over the conference heads into the afternoon schedule and a full afternoon of breakout sessions.  The first of which will see Kevin Fournier and David Hendershot take to the spotlight.

OI Integration with Outlook
Kevin Fournier (SRP Computer Solutions)
In today’s modern software development environment, integration with Microsoft Office is not just desirable, it is down-right necessary and expected these days.  During this presentation, Kevin will demonstrate how to interact with Outlook using OLE Automation to enable OpenInsight based  applications to programmatically manipulate email, appointments, or contacts.  Attendees will learn how to employ these techniques in their own applications and, as a result, will acquire enough skill to explore interaction with other MS Office products such as Word or Excel.

Programming with the OI Console
David Hendershot (Revelation)
The OpenInsight Console is sure to become one of the key tools for system administrators and support staff looking after OpenInsight based systems.  During this session David will look at the programming techniques used to develop the OI Console using O4W’s application programming interface.

#RevCon13 – The BRW and the Data Connectors

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoWith the first of the O4W training sessions behind us, it is time to choose between two new breakout sessions.  During this session Mike Ruane will go up against Bob Carten in a clash of the titans.

Banded Report Writer – Practical Examples, Tips and Tricks
Bob Carten (Revelation)
I have done a fair amount of work with the Banded Report Writer (BRW) during my Archery Club Manager development project and I have come to like the tool very much.  Whilst it can be a little frustrating at times and you have to understand the way that it has been designed and works, the tool is very powerful and you can create some really very nice formatted reports with graphics, exploding reports, etc.

The OpenInsight BRW therefore delivers the benefit of a robust reporting tool but at the cost of a steep learning curve.  During his presentation, Bob will step through creating some commonly used report formats and discuss some of the techniques and approaches for getting exactly what you want from the BRW.

Bob will create reports which demonstrate such commonly used features such as calculations, sub reports and graphs. The talk is aimed at people who have looked at the BRW and are interested in using it for more than simple tabular reports. Bob will also show how to launch the reports from OpenInsight.

Using OpenInsight with Non-OI Data sources
Mike Ruane (Revelation)
Given the power of OpenInsight’s desktop and web interface design tools and its programming tools, we are often asked whether OpenInsight can be used as a front end to other database technologies such as SQL and many of the other MultiValue databases.  Whilst OpenInsight applications are usually made to work the OpenInsight’s own Linear Hash data source, they work as well with other databases, such as SQL, QM, D3, and other MultiValue databases.

In this session, Mike will show the tools used to connect to these third party databases, show OpenInsight’s tools working with these databases, and talk about specific issues that an OpenInsight developer might come across whilst working with each of these data sources.

If you have the need to have your application, whether desktop based, or browser-based, work with other data sources like SQL or Access, you should attend this session.

#RevCon13 – Day 2 and it’s O4W Training

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoYesterday saw a packed agenda delivered with a few laughs and some serious learning, today will start with a full two hour session with Bob Catalano and Bryan Shumsky.  The topic for discussion is, of course, O4W Programming Practices.

This will be the first of two O4W training sessions, with the second being delivered on Friday morning, so more on that later.

In this first O4W training session, Bryan and Bob will review the basic O4W programming concepts and conference delegates will learn the best practices for developing web applications with O4W.  Basic+ programming experience is recommended, but no HTML, Javascript or web development experience is required.

O4W is fast becoming the tool of choice for Revelation developers (clients) building web and mobile solutions for their clients.  Revelation Software are also moving large chunks of www.revelation.com into O4W based content and it is nice to see a software manufacturer using their own tools across their business.

#RevCon13 – Day 1 ends and it’s time to mix!!

Revelation Software 2013 Conference LogoSo the first full day of the Revelation 2013 conference draws to a close.  The last of the three breakout sessions has been completed, but the day is far from over.  Whilst some delegates will head off into Nashville to amuse themselves, the schedule of events turns to an ‘Evening Mixer’.

At previous Revelaiton Conferences, the first evening has traditionally been given over to a vendor fair.  At this conference though, Revelation have decided to do things a little differently.

In an more relaxed atmosphere, with some light snacks and beverages, delegates will be able to network with colleagues from within the Revelation world.  They will have a chance to chat with the staff of Revelation Software and other vendors, developers, and users.  Revelation expect to see a few laptops open, ideas being discussed and business cards exchanged, but in a more casual setting.  No booths, no pipe and drape.  People can simply bring their business cards or smartphone, mix and mingle, and pick up some tips to bring back to their own organization.