#RevCon13 – Megamation notes from the presentation

Hank talking about Megamation's online OI based solution.
Hank talking about Megamation’s online OpenInsight based solution.

Jared Bratu sat in on Hank’s presentation and he has kindly shared some useful notes with me.  They are copied below:

Hank Huizinga presented Megamation’s DirectLine mobile application for facilities management. Before the mobile application facilities work orders (request for facilities maintenance) were printed by a clerk, handed out to a maintenance person and put on a clipboard and taken to the client’s site where time, supplies, and work performed are recorded on the work order. The work order is returned to the office clerk where it eventually get’s entered back into the CMMS system. By going with a mobile web app the maintenance person is able to directly update the CMMS system reducing labor and errors.

Hank walked through the discussion of why O4W was chosen, it’s strengths, and some of the obstacles to implementing the mobile application to meet the clients requests.  He walked through a live demonstration of his application emphasizing the design considerations behind his application. Considerable emphasis was added to the obstacles encountered by the limited support of certain mobile devices while casting a positive outlook that mobile devices are evolving at a rapid rate.

The demo is beautiful and optimally designed to run well on limited bandwidth. The application extensively utilizes selection controls to limit the amount of typing that a user must do to use the application.

The Megamation DirectLine application (in my opinion) is a beautiful example of an O4W mobile application.



3 thoughts on “#RevCon13 – Megamation notes from the presentation

  1. David

    Enjoying the updates Martyn.

    Is there a name we can use in the megamation demo? I get stuck when it asks for details

    1. There is no login, just click continue past the first two screens. I have not had a chance to check myself, but I believe that the second screen is left empty. At the third screen you tap the field and select an employee. From there just wander around.

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